Our dreams may come true, one day

By ClassPass
Updated: October 04, 2016

The scenario: You partied a little too hard last night and today you are seriously questioning that choice. You make a vow to yourself that you will never, ever put yourself through that again. Then a few weeks later you are back where you started, cursing your hangover.

Welp, the biggest thing to happen to your drinking game is here: ​Hangover-free alcohol has been in the works in the United Kingdom and it might just be taking over the world by 2050. (Yeah, a while from now, but hey, you'll always love wine!)

According to The Independent, it was created by Professor David Nutt, DM, from Imperial College London. The drink is called Alcosynth and while it's not exactly alcohol, it is non-toxic and is designed to have the same effects, minus the hangover. (Just imagine: no nausea, headaches or mornings spent hugging the toilet!)

The benefits: He said that this was created because people want healthier options. (True, true.) It also removed the risk of liver and heart damage and actually makes you feel drunker than if you were drinking regular alcohol.

Bottoms up… in about 30 years?

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