Amazing things happen when you mix technology and caffeine.

By Renee Cherry

If you're a coffee drinker, the moments between ripping yourself out of bed and getting your caffeine fix is easily the most heinous part of your day. But a new high-tech product could make the process of waking up a lot easier. (Related: The 15 All-Too-Real Struggles of Having a Coffee Addiction)

Smarter, a London-based home tech brand, just launched its 2nd Generation coffee machine in the states. The device can connect to smartphones via Wi-Fi so you can grind and brew coffee from anywhere, whether you're out and about or lying in bed. And for the hardcore coffee addicts, the machine has a wake-up mode that can be set to brew every morning, at whatever time you please. That's right, you can awaken to the smell of fresh coffee being made next to you. (Even better news: That coffee habit might just make you live longer.)

Photo: Smarter

The Smarter coffeemaker has plenty of features besides the wake-up timer. You can specify the strength, grind coarseness, and number of cups (up to 12) you want to make through the Smarter app. If you already have a tricked-out smart home, you can connect the machine to work with your other devices. Integrate it with Amazon's Alexa to brew with voice commands, Philips Hue Lights to turn your lights on when the coffee starts brewing, or a Nest cam so coffee starts brewing as soon as someone walks into the kitchen. (Did you know you can also turn Amazon Alexa into your personal zen coach?) That's some Jetsons-level stuff.

Whether you've been meaning to replace your coffeemaker or just make your home more futuristic for fun, the Smarter coffeemaker seems like a logical choice. It's available now for $250 at small price to pay if it means finally becoming a morning person, right?


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