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Starbucks Brings Back Their Black and White Mocha Just In Time for New Year's


Photo: Starbucks

Christmas may be over, but Starbucks is keeping the spirit of the season alive by bringing back some fan-favorite seasonal drinks. (Related: The Healthiest Things You'll Find On the Starbucks Menu)

On Wednesday, the coffee chain announced the return of its Black and White Mocha beverages to celebrate the impending new year. The drink contains a blend of dark chocolate and white chocolate and is available in latte form (melted with espresso and steamed milk) or as a Frappuccino, for those of you who drink your coffee cold even in the winter. You can also nix the espresso to make a Black and White Hot Cocoa. (Related: This Secret Starbucks Keto Drink Is Insanely Delicious)

To really drive home the New Year's Eve element, each drink is topped with whipped cream and chocolate "sequins" meant to resemble a black tie.

The latte was first launched in 2016 (also on the day after Christmas) as the Tuxedo Mocha, which had a mocha drizzle on half of the whipped cream to give it the "tuxedo" effect. (Related: Here Is Every Starbucks Holiday Beverage, Ranked from Least to Most Calories)

But if you want to get your hands on one, you better hurry. Just as in years past, these drinks are available for a very limited time in U.S. and Canada locations through the new year "while supplies last," according to the press release.

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