We see a frothy drink in your future.

By Renee Cherry
March 22, 2018

Starbucks has been on a mystical streak with its Frappuccinos for a while now, releasing colorful blends inspired by mermaids, zombies, unicorns, and the like. But its latest might just be the most ~magical~ and Insta-worthy to date. The new crystal ball Frappuccino predicts your future.

Here's the deal: Customers can learn their destiny based on which of three colors of sprinkles they happen to receive on their drink. Blue foretells adventure; green means you'll have good luck; purple indicates magic in your future. The clear winner of the three is purple since it means "wonder and enchantment are headed your way. Also owls," according to the (particularly creative) press release from Starbucks.

Knowing your fortune is worth the price of admission, but in case you're more interested in the drink itself than the novelty, know that it's on the fruity side. It's crème-based with peach flavoring and turquoise sprinkles that create a marbling effect. So, yes, it's pretty and pretty delicious, but that comes with sugar and cals-you know the drill. It's also topped with a peach-flavored whipped cream in addition to the mystery-colored sprinkles. (Related: Starbucks Is Launching a New Credit Card for Coffee Addicts)

Treating yourself to a Frappuccino is cheaper (and debatably just as legit) as a trip to a fortune teller. Plus, there's conveniently no risk of receiving a bad omen, since you'll either get adventure, luck, or magic. The crystal ball Frappuccino isn't here for long though, so head to Starbs from now until March 26 if you want to learn your fate.


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