Plus: how to score a cup for free.

By By Renee Cherry
Updated: July 17, 2017

Starbucks just released three new iced tea infusions, and they sound like summer perfection. The new combos include black tea infused with pineapple flavors, green tea with strawberry, and white tea with peach. (Also try these low-cal iced tea recipes.)

Unlike some other Bux beverages, these aren't so awful in the nutrition department. Each drink clocks in at 45 calories and 11 grams of sugar for a Grande and can be made unsweetened.

Since the weather's warming up, it makes sense that Starbucks released these three new iced tea options now (right on the heels of its new summer Frappuccino flavors). But the three teas will continue to be available year-round. (Post-workout pick-me-up, anyone?) The chain started selling a few other new menu items today, including the 'Iced Cascara Coconutmilk Latte' and a vegan protein bowl.

Mark your calendar: Starbucks will give everyone the chance to try the new iced teas for free on July 14 from 1 to 2 p.m. Visit a participating location and receive a free tall-size sample of one of the three flavors. Now you just need to decide which one to try first.


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