Frappachino-sipping unicorn? Check

By Macaela Mackenzie
April 26, 2016

In case you couldn't get enough of the pop-culture-meets-tech emoji takeovers from the likes of Kim and Karl last year, never fear. Emoji aficionados everywhere have major cause to rejoice (no shame-an emoji was the official word of the year in 2015, after all) with the latest set of custom emojis. Thanks to the latest coffee-themed emoji keyboard app, you can now "say it with Starbucks."

The coffee chain giant just released its own branded emoji keyboard on iOS and Android, and it includes friendly barista emojis, an assortment of our favorite frapps, cake pops, gold status stars, the iconic cup and logo and even a unicorn #sipface emoji, because why not? (Do Emojis Limit Girls to Stereotypes?)

According to the company, they'll update the emoji selection according to the season, so get ready to see those digital Pumpkin Spice Lattes pop up as soon as the air turns crisp. And let's not forget the festive red cups that always signal the start of the holiday season.

To download for Android, simply go to Google Play and install the keyboard extension. To share some virtual Starbucks love from your iPhone, you'll need to follow a few extra steps to access the keyboard. After downloading the app from iTunes, head to Settings and select General, then Keyboard. Click "Add New Keyboard" and find the Starbucks option. Make sure the "Allow Full Access Button" is turned on.

When you're ready to start sending the emoji equivilent of a coffee date to your besties, hit the little globe icon in the corner of your keyboard and let the emojis do the talking. (P.S. Find out what happens to your brain on coffee.)

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