The new drink can be flavored with your choice of almond butter or cacao powder.

By Renee Cherry
August 14, 2018

Starbucks' latest drink might not draw the same frenzy as its flashy rainbow confections. (Remember this unicorn drink?) But for anyone who prioritizes protein (hi, literally anyone who works out) it'll be just as exciting as protein shakes. The chain now sells a blended cold brew boosted with pea and brown rice protein.

The new drink comes in two flavors, almond and cacao, according to Starbucks. The almond version is a blend of cold brew, almond milk, protein powder, almond butter, banana-date fruit blend, and ice. The cacao flavor contains cold brew, coconut milk, protein powder, cacao powder, banana-date blend, and ice. Salivating yet?

Thanks to almond butter, chocolate, and the banana-date blend, the drink is well-equipped to satisfy a sweet tooth. But the additional protein balances out those macros so you feel satisfied, not sugar-addicted-protein slows down the rise in blood sugar after you eat. And pea protein in particular retains more soluble fiber and is likely easier to digest than whey. (See: What's the Deal with Pea Protein and Should You Give It a Try?)

Plus, it's definitely a healthier option than Starbucks' notoriously sugary frappuccinos. The almond flavor has 12 grams of protein and the cacao flavor has 10 grams. Both drinks come in at 270 calories. For comparison, a grande cinnamon roll frappuccino made with whole milk contains 380 calories and only has 4 grams of protein. (Try these healthy drink swaps to help you cut back on sugar.)

A drink that packs in plant-based protein, provides your caffeine fix, and satisfies your craving for something sweet? Hurry up and grab a cup because the drink is only available for a limited time at select locations. (Next, check out our complete guide to keto Starbucks food and drink.)


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