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Starbucks Officially Brought Back Their Mini Frappuccinos

Courtesy of Starbucks

If you're a die-hard Frap fan, but swore off the stuff in the name of your thinning wallet and widening waistline, there's good news: Starbucks announced yesterday that they're officially bringing back their Mini Frappuccinos for a limited time, meaning you can get your cold coffee fix in a more reasonable portion size.

The Mini is available in any Starbucks Frappuccino flavor, and weighs in at 10 oz (compared to a 12-oz Tall or 16-oz Grande) and tally under 150 calories each. Minis were first introduced nationally last summer and are now available again in Starbucks stores in the U.S. and Canada through summer 2016.

While the Mini size offers a portion-controlled way to enjoy the cult favorite summer Starbucks beverage, it's worth noting that this doesn't mean they're the best choice nutritionally. Even the Mini Coffee Frappuccino® Blended Coffee (made with whole milk and no whipped cream) has 24 grams of sugar. If you go for one of the other fave flavors, like caramel or mocha, you're looking at even more, even without the whipped cream or flavor drizzles. (You don't even want to see the sugar stats for these other 'Bux beverages.)

You can always make a Frapp "light" by opting for nonfat milk and no whipped cream, but that doesn't reduce the sugar content or magically make it a healthy source of calories. You probably already know about all the dangers of a high-sugar diet, but ICYMI, it can lead to an increased risk for cancer and obesity (which can put you at risk for many other health conditions). You're better off following these tricks for slimming down your coffee order or skipping the Frap altogether.

But since it's summer, and it's truly a time to #treatyoself, opting for a Mini on a special occasion wouldn't be the worst thing ever. Just don't make it your morning go-to.


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