That refreshing edge may come at a price.

By ClassPass
Updated: August 30, 2016

Who doesn't want a little citrus in their cocktail? You, after reading this news.

In a recent study, researchers visited 21 different restaurants 43 times to collect around 80 lemons and placed them under the microscope to see what they could find. Turns out, all that extra goodness you've been getting from a little squeeze of the lemon wedge has loads of different microbial growing on it. In fact, 70 percent of the lemons tested had potentially pathogenic microbes growing on them. Gross!

So, what does that mean for you? Each time your bartender or waiter drops in a lemon, lime or orange peel into your $14 cocktail, you have an increased risk of catching E. coli, enterococcus, staph or the norovirus.

Although, if you're going to take your chances on the citrus addition, preferably add it to straight alcohol, as it can be sterilized by the alcohol itself. But this logic doesn't apply to mixed drinks (as the alcohol is then diluted) or non-alcoholic beverages.

Either way, you don't know where that bartender's hands have been and if they're manhandling your lemons or griming up the rim. Moral of the story? Skip the citrus.

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