Tea Could Protect Against Ovarian Cancer

Drink tea, fend off ovarian cancer? Here, how your morning mug may be saving your life.


Good news, tea lovers. Enjoying your piping hot beverage in the the morning does more than wake you up-it could protect against ovarian cancer too.

That's the word from researchers from the University of East Anglia, who studied nearly 172,000 adult women for over 30 years and found that those who consumed more flavonols and flavanones, antioxidants found in tea and citrus fruits, were 31 percent less likely to develop ovarian cancer than those who consumed less. The study authors say that just two cups of black tea a day is enough to protect against the condition, which is the fifth leading cause of cancer death among women.

Not a fan of tea? Opt for OJ, or another citrus fruit drink this morning instead. These options are also rich in the cancer-fighting antioxidants-as is red wine, though we're not about to suggest enjoying a glass of vino with your oatmeal. Save that cancer-fighting sip for after dinner instead!

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