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The Tone It Up Girls' Blueberry Bombshell Smoothie

The Tone It Up ladies, Karena and Katrina, are two of our favorite fit girls out there. And not just because they have some great workout ideas—they also know how to eat. We’ve picked their brain for a Sweet and Spicy Kale Salad recipe, a 1-Minute Microwave Cookie, and a super unique Avocado, Honey, and Sunflower snack.

But there’s one thing we always love to fuel our recovery post-workout: a smoothie. Superfoods and trendy veggies may come and go, but smoothies are forever. We’re firm believers that you can never have too many recipes, and that’s why we asked Karena and Katrina to share their fave: a blueberry bomb smoothie filled with enough antioxidants, protein, and nutrients to turn you into a Tone It Up bombshell.

The ingredients are super easy; start with some almond milk (give vanilla or coconut flavors a try, but make sure to grab unsweetened!), throw in some frozen bananas (slice them up and freeze them to have them ready whenever!), fresh blueberries, and your favorite protein powder. The TIU girls use their specially made vanilla Perfect Fit powder—an organic, non-GMO, plant-based protein. This low-calorie smoothie has the potassium and protein to help your muscles recover post-workout, and tastes delicious too.

But the one smoothie secret you have to watch the video to see? The signature Tone It Up “shake dance,” which is required while blending. Serve in margarita glasses and top with cacao nibs (to add sweetness and crunch) for the ultimate bombshell smoothie. (If you’d rather spoon than sip, try these 10 Smoothie Bowl Recipes Under 500 Calories.)


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