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Vanilla Almond Breeze Recalled for Possibly Containing Actual Milk

blue-diamond-almond-breeze.jpgPhoto: Vesna Jovanovic / EyeEm / Getty Images, Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond issued a recall on half-gallon cartons of its Almond Breeze refrigerated vanilla almond milk for possibly containing cow's milk. Over 145,000 cartons shipped to retailers in 28 states are included in the recall. In particular, drinks with a use-by date of September 2, 2018, are potentially contaminated. (See for the list of states and instructions for determining if your carton was affected.)

On the bright side, this recall is not linked to an outbreak of food poisoning. (Not the case with the recent Goldfish recall.) So if you aren't allergic to, sensitive to, or avoidant of milk, you don't have to cancel any plans to make vegan smoothies and lattes. Thankfully the company seems to have caught on to the problem early on. At the time of the recall, there was only one report of an allergic reaction and it wasn't severe enough to require treatment. Of course, even if you avoid dairy by choice, it's still disturbing to hear about our nondairy products containing traces of milk. (Related: I Gave Up Dairy for a Year and It Changed My Life)

If you have a carton affected by the recall that you'd like to return, you have the option to bring it back to where you bought it for a refund. Or you can fill out a web form from Blue Diamond for a replacement coupon. (Related: Plant-Based Recipes Perfect for Vegan Athletes)

Coincidentally, almond milk might not even be labeled as "milk" in the near future. A few weeks ago FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced the agency may start cracking down on companies calling plant-based drinks "milk" since they don't contain actual milk. Clearly, that's not always the case.


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