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What a Cup of Coffee Looks Like Around the World

Drip Coffee, America

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While we in the U.S. have grown accustomed to a full range of caffeinated beverage options (cappuccinos and lattes and cold brew—oh my!), there’s nothing more quintessentially American than a classic cup of joe. (Although we are pretty partial to cold brew lately. Learn How to Make the Perfect Cold-Brew Coffee.) Most mugs are brewed with Arabica coffee beans which contain less caffeine than other varieties, but studies have found that roasting coffee beans when the coffee is brewed actually ups the antioxidant levels. Talk about starting the day off right!

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Turkish Coffee, Turkey

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Novices beware: Turkish coffee doesn't play around. Served with the fine grounds still in it, this traditional coffee is known as extra dark and strong and is definitely not for the faint of palate. Since Turkish coffee is boiled instead of brewed, it packs in more heart-healthy nutrients like polyphenols, which help to protect your arteries. 

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Egg Coffee, Vietnam

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Skip dessert to savor some Vietnamese egg coffee. Made with egg yolk, condensed milk, sugar, and hot coffee, this this tiramisu-like treat is nothing if not rich. But before you feel too guilty, the combo of condensed milk and egg yolk gives this brew a hearty dose of protein.

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Kaffeost, Finland

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Coffee with an extra shot of…cheese? That’s what you can expect in Finland. Traditionally served, Finnish coffee is poured over a cheese called juustoleipä and allowed to steep. After you finish the cup, you eat the cheese too, making this one interesting way to add dairy to your diet. (This reminds us of another coffee trend sweeping the nation—learn The Buzz Behind Bulletproof Coffee.)

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Café des Épices, Morocco

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Made with a blend of spices like nutmeg, black pepper, and sesame seeds, this java packs an extra flavorful jolt. As a powerful antioxidant, some studies have found that nutmeg also works as an antidepressant. Now that’s a morning pick-me-up!

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Café Lagrima, Argentina

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The Argentinians do coffee the anti-coffee way. Made with steamed milk, foam and just a splash of coffee, Café Lagrima is a great way to get a dose of calcium without all the caffeine of a typical cup o' joe. Think of this like a cappuccino minus the bitter espresso after-taste. 

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Café del Olla, Mexico

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Mexican coffee is traditionally brewed in a clay pot with cinnamon and piloncillo, the rawest form of sugar cane. With a total lack of processed ingredients, Café del Olla is a super clean coffee option. But beware the high sugar count. It may mask the bitter bean taste for those non-coffee lovers among us, but it shouldn’t replace your daily cup.

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Café au Lait, France

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You don’t have to jet off to France to enjoy this Parisian coffee (which has become a Starbucks staple in the States). But unlike most cups you’re served here, traditional café au lait is served with warm frothed milk on the side of a small coffee. Make it decaf and café au lait becomes an adult alternative to a cup of warm milk before bed. (Sleep Better Tonight! The Best and Worst Drinks for a Peaceful Night's Rest.)

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Café Bombon, Spain

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Made with espresso and half sweetened condensed milk, café bombon doesn’t need any extra sugar. In one double shot sized serving, it packs 14 grams on it’s own! Try this Spanish classic with condensed coconut milk to cut the calories.

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Espresso Romano, Italy

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If there’s one thing that coffee lovers around the world can agree on, it’s that Italians know their coffee. So we’re willing to keep an open mind and try our espresso the way Romans have been serving it for years: with lemon. Done the Roman way, espresso is served with a thin slice of lemon, first rubbed around the rim of the cup and then allowed to steep. Not only does the lemon enhance the coffee flavor, it sneaks in a boost of vitamin C. 

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Flat White, Australia and New Zealand

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Thanks to Starbucks, this Aussie fave is becoming popular Stateside. With all the espresso but only about two-thirds of the milk, a flat white is basically a condensed latte. With all the espresso but only about two thirds of the milk, it makes a great option when you’re trying to cut down on dairy. (Did you know that coffee is one of the 5 Everyday Drinks You Didn't Know Could Burn Fat?)


Yuan Yang, Hong Kong

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It’s no surprise that the Far East is the hot spot for tea, even when it comes to coffee. This famous Hong Kong brew blends coffee with milky black tea for an antioxidant-boosted caffeine buzz. Research has even linked the antioxidants in black tea to cancer prevention in certain cases.

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Café Cubano, Cuba

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This super strong and sweet take on coffee is a dairy-free barista’s dream. Made with extra dark coffee and a shot of sugar, this Cuban favorite delivers an major dose of energy. Dark roasted beans actually contain 15 to 20 percent less caffeine than their lighter coffee counterparts. (Did you know that coffee can reduce pain? Here, 11 Coffee Stats You Never Knew.)

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