Goodbye forever, Vanilla Frappuccinos

March 03, 2016

Sugar makes things taste oh-so-delicious, but having too much in your diet is bad news for your health. It's linked to an increased risk of cancer, liver damage, and heart failure, and speeds up the aging process. Boo.

The American Heart Association suggests no more than 24 grams or six teaspoons of sugar a day. Think your little morning cup of joe is no big deal? Check out the sugar content in popular Starbucks drinks. No, you're not mistaken-those numbers are shockingly real, with some offering over twice the amount you should have in a day!

No need to give up your favorite sweet drinks altogether. As always, moderation is the key, so order smaller sizes, and just don't get the iced lemon pound cake to go with it.

This article originally appeared on Popsugar Fitness.

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