Guaranteed side-effects: immortality and perpetual happiness

By Lauren Mazzo
March 07, 2017

Somehow, you've made it through your life without ever having combined the two most magical liquids known to (wo)mankind: wine and coffee. (ICYMI coffee lemonade is also a thing.)

But those days are officially over. Some genius culinary wizards out in the Napa Valley (naturally) have created a wine-infused coffee that is about to rock the hell out of your world. Beans from artisan coffee company Wild Card Roasters are rehydrated using a special house-made red wine-created exclusively for Molinary Private Reserve (MPR) by local wineries-then dried and roasted. The result: a full-bodied coffee that tastes like it's time for happy hour.

You're thinking: "Is this just a classy AF version of a vodka RedBull?" Not quite. The coffee, while filled with the rich blueberry notes of a red blend, doesn't actually have any alcohol, meaning you can get caffeine buzzed, but need to add a splash of Kahlúa if you want to get tipsy too. (Or just use it in one of these genius coffee cocktail recipes.)

And there's even a health bonus (not that it needs one): the combo of antioxidant-rich coffee and antioxidant-rich red wine make this cuppa-joe a one-two punch of free-radical fighters.

MPR recommends using filtered or bottled water to brew this java via French press for the best flavor. It makes a great espresso but becomes extra wine-y when milk is added. Leftovers can be popped in the fridge to make the best afternoon iced coffee break that's ever existed. (Better yet, use it to brew one of these indulgent iced coffee recipes.)

You don't need to be in the Napa Valley to get this epic bevvy mash-up-you can order it right online. (Although, as you might suspect, it's currently sold out due to high demand.) And, just sayin', if you're more of a hard liquor person, Fire Dept. Coffee also has rum-, tequila-, and bourbon-infused coffee.

And BTW, if you already own one of those mugs that reads, "There's a chance this is wine," then this is 100 percent a mandatory purchase.