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You Can Now Buy Canned Sparkling Wine at Trader Joe's for Just $4

Trader Joe's is here to up your rosé game this summer by introducing Simpler Wine, an Italian-imported canned sparkling wine packed in boxes of four. So far, there are two varieties: white and rosé, that can be bought for a high-five worthy price of just $3.99. (Sign. Us. Up.)

While there isn't any nutritional information available for these seemingly delightful beverages just yet, you can expect the white wine to have "notes of juicy honeydew and fresh-cut herbs" that pairs best with "fresh bread and olives or Parmigiano-Reggiano," according to Trader Joe's website. The rosé, on the other hand, has "mineral notes and red fruit flavors" and goes well with "fresh pasta, seafood, or sweets." (Related: Is Your Two Buck Chuck Habit Hurting Your Health?)

"These wines will provide an instant party-like atmosphere upon the first sip, whether you're at an actual party, or just celebrating a Wednesday night dinner," the statement continues. "And the perfectly portioned cans are incredibly handy when you're mixing up a cocktail and only need a splash (or two) to top up your glass." (Check out these kombucha cocktails for a refreshingly healthy happy hour.)


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The downside to these otherwise ingenious creations is that they were initially only available in New York City's Union Square store location, according to Tasting Table. That said, some people have reported that the wines have slowly started to appear in other locations nationwide. So don't sweat if your local Trader Joe's hasn't stocked up just yet. The odds are that they probably will soon.


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