Starbucks is here to help you de-stress just when you'll need it most.

By Renee Cherry
November 01, 2017

Starbucks holiday cups can be a touchy subject. When the company unveiled a minimalist red design for its holiday cups two years ago, it sparked a national frenzy with one side complaining that Starbucks wanted to eliminate Christmas symbolsand another declaring #ItsJustACup. The latest holiday cups are less likely to cause such a stir; they're white with Christmas illustrations that customers are supposed to color in.

This year's design was inspired by customers who have created art with their cups in the past, according to a Starbucks press release.

Before you go and mourn the death of the red holiday cup, keep an open mind. Besides just being fun, decorating your cup could have health benefits. Coloring has emerged as a legit way to relieve stress. (See: Are Adult Coloring Books the Stress Relief Tool They're Hyped Up to Be?) The adult coloring book trend took off in 2015, but art has long been used as a method of therapy. One study found that cancer patients who participated in regular art therapy reported reduced symptoms.

Bottom line? If the holidays have you stressed out, it might be worth your while to grab a cup from Starbucks, even just to aggressively color the whole thing red.