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10 Healthy Recipes with Nuts to Enjoy This Season

Go Nuts for Nuts

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The holiday season is here and in full force, so bring your A-game and focus on staying healthy by including more nuts in your seasonal meals. Did you know research shows that a serving and a half of nuts daily alongside a diet that's already low in saturated fat and cholesterol is a great heart-healthy way to curb your hunger? We've rounded up 10 tasty, nutty recipes from the best dietitians out there, so dig into these savory snacks, sensational salads, and sinless sweets.

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Holiday Spiced Nuts

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Let's face it: The holidays are filled with mindless munching. Rather than devour a bowl of chocolate this and caramel that, try to focus on heart-healthy nuts when you're filling the office candy dish or those snowman bowls at home. These spiced nuts make a great stand-alone snack, or they can easily be incorporated into a DIY trail mix that's perfect for when you need to tackle your next holiday project.

Get the recipe: Pumpkin Pie Spiced Nuts

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Slow Cooker Boiled Peanuts

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Set the slow cooker on low and head out the door—it's never been easier to get your party snacks ready for a big event. Plus, who doesn't love cracking open a fresh peanut! Peanuts are also a great plant-based protein that can help fill you up without filling you out, something all your guests will thank you for come January 1. (Also see: Easy, Low-Calorie Slow Cooker Recipes)

Get the recipe: Slow Cooker Boiled Peanuts

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Butternut Squash with Brown Sugar Roasted Pecans

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A sinlessly sweet but slightly savory side dish or snack, this butternut squash dish is an easy way to get one step closer to meeting your five-a-day recommendation for fruits and vegetables. Plus, this recipe incorporates magnesium-rich pecans, which can help lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation.

Get the recipe: Butternut Squash with Brown Sugar Roasted Pecans

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Roasted Cauliflower with Walnuts and Raisins

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Let's be honest: In the midst of dining on the holiday ham and the nutty chocolate goodies, we all could stand to fill up on a few more veggies. That's why I love how savory meets sweet in this cruciferous veggie delight. Plus, you get a nice, crunchy texture from the heart-healthy walnuts! 

Get the recipe: Roasted Cauliflower with Walnuts and Raisins

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Sprouted Red Jasmine Rice Salad

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Nuts are a great snack and also add wonderful texture to those delicious greens this time of year. This amazing red rice salad is not only gluten-free but filled with seasonal ingredients like fresh pomegranate seeds and crunchy pine nuts. If you're looking to really wow your taste buds, this recipe needs to be on your holiday menu.

Get the recipe: Red Jasmine Sprouted Rice Salad with Pomegranate Feta Pine Nuts & Fresh Herbs

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Tuscan Kale and Apple Salad with Almonds

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"Oh, kale yeah!" Nuts and kale make a flavor-packed combination here that delivers a great dose of nutrients for your body. Did you know almonds are a great way to get more fiber and protein in your diet? Studies have also looked at the prebiotic function of almonds, which is important for gut health and mobility. 

Get the recipe: Tuscan Kale and Apple Salad with Almonds

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Edible Walnut Salad Bowls

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Everybody loves mini appetizers, and these bite-sized edible salad bowls are the perfect addition to your holiday menu. They are made with omega-3-packed walnuts, and they are sure to please carnivores and omnivores alike. You can make these bowls, but change them up to add a sweet filling for a dessert bar too. 

Get the recipe: Edible Walnut Salad Bowl

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Vegan No-Bake Hazelnut Truffles

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If you need a vegan recipe that will please everyone at the party look no further than these 5-ingredient truffles. The vegan truffles are smooth on the outside but have a delightfully crunchy hazelnut center. If you've jumped on the Nutella bandwagon, you'll definitely love this healthier twist that uses pure maple syrup to sweeten the treats.

Get the recipe: 5-Ingredient Vegan Nutella Truffles

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Pistachio and Cherry Biscotti

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If you've got an ounce of Italian in you, then every holiday requires a delicious biscotti on the menu. Their delicious cookie combines antioxidant-rich pistachios with sweet and tart dried cherries to create a unique flavor explosion that needs to be on your table this season. Better yet, wrap them up in mason jars with a holiday ribbon and bring them as gifts for the host.

Get the recipe: Pistachio and Cherry Biscotti

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Gluten-Free Snickerdoodle Pecan Pretzel Tart

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Everybody likes a delicious sweet and savory treat. This gluten-free dessert combines crunchy pecans, sweet snickerdoodles, and salty pretzels. The holidays can be challenging for those with gluten intolerance—it can be hard to find a sweet treat that tastes good but is gluten-free too. Luckily, this gorgeous dessert fits that bill, and everyone in the room will want to get their hands on a slice of this yummy treat. 

Get the recipe: Gluten-Free Snickerdoodle Pecan Pretzel Tart

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