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10 Healthy Recipes Using Greek Yogurt

Salad Dressing

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What's not to love in a creamy and tangy dressing that doesn't load up on fat? Try this healthier version of a green goddess dressing that uses Greek yogurt and avocado instead of sour cream or mayo.

Chocolate Frosting

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Never reach for that store-bought tub again. This easy Chobani recipe uses just two ingredients — Greek yogurt and semisweet chocolate chips — to make a healthy topping for cupcakes and cakes. Try it on top of these healthy chocolate cupcakes.

Mashed Cauliflower

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Switch it up and cut calories with this mashed potato substitute. This recipe uses cauliflower mashed in a Greek yogurt, garlic, and shallot mixture (with a dab of butter) for an inventive take on the dinner side.

Potato Salad

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A Greek yogurt-blended potato salad hits all the right notes: make one with traditional potato salad favorites like mustard, cayenne pepper or paprika, and red onion (try this recipe), but cut out much of the fat by ditching the mayo.

Meat Marinade

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Summer's slowly approaching, which means now's the time to perfect your marinade. Yogurt-based sauces are a perfect complement to grilled meats. Try this simple recipe, which uses just a few ingredients (Greek yogurt, garlic, and lemon).

Yogurt With Fruit

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There are endless combinations of yogurt and fruit for any meal of the day. If your normal morning yogurt-and-fruit combo is getting old, try new pairings like pomegranate and orange or other in-season fruits from your farmers market.

French Toast

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Sunday mornings get a bit less decadent with this French toast recipe, which layers the bread with a mixture of yogurt, cinnamon, and sugar or honey.

Panna Cotta

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This panna cotta recipe still uses cream, but you can cut most of it out by substituting with two cups of Greek yogurt instead. The result is a light yet still satisfying end to any meal!

Berry Popsicles

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A healthy way to treat yourself, berry pops are easy to make with just frozen berries, sugar, and yogurt.

Yogurt Gelato

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Still have room for more dessert? Try making Greek yogurt gelato for the perfect ice cream substitute.


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