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12 Homemade Salsa Recipes for Any Fiesta

Chipotle Tomatillo Salsa

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The smokiness from the chipotle peppers (buy them packed in adobo sauce to re-use for more Mexican-inspired meals) in this recipe from Naturally Ella adds just the right spicy kick. Use it as a dip for taquitos, or a topper for your morning scrambled eggs.

Photo: Naturally Ella

Corn and White Bean Salsa

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Forgo standard black beans in favor of the much creamier white bean for the perfect complement to crunchy, fresh summer corn. A squeeze of lime juice brightens up this tasty, versatile (use it as a dip or a protein-packed vegetarian taco filling) recipe from Spoon Fork Bacon.

Photo: Spoon Fork Bacon

Clementine and Cucumber Salsa

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This super-fresh, light creation from Camille Styles (adopted from none other than a recipe of Gwyneth Paltrow's), is the perfect topper for grilled fish or chicken. While the addition of a red chili pepper adds a festive kick, fresh mint leaves make for a cool, refreshing salsa recipe.

Photo: Camille Styles

Fire-Roasted Tomato Salsa

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Consider this delicious dip from A Couple Cooks the homemade upgrade to your favorite store-bought salsa. Use fire-roasted tomatoes for a satisfyingly spicy kick, and make sure you're stocked up on tortilla chips.

Photo: A Couple Cooks

Pineapple Pico de Gallo

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We all know and love the classic tomato-and-onion combination that is pico de gallo, but this pineapple version with cherry tomatoes from Half-Baked Harvest makes for a summer-ready, tropical twist on the old stand-by. Add jalapeños if you're craving heat.

Photo: Half-Baked Harvest

Avocado Tomatillo Salsa Verde

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This roasted tomatillo avocado salsa is so creamy and fresh, there's no need for guacamole when you've got this on hand. A tangy crowd-pleaser perfect for large parties, you can make this recipe from A Spicy Perspective and freeze it ahead of time.

Photo: A Spicy Perspective

Pear Pomegranate Salsa

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Pomegranates and pears don't sound like the obvious choice when it comes to salsa, but this sweet-and-sour recipe from Gimme Some Oven is simple, fresh, and delicious. Pull it all together with a squeeze of lime for a citrus-y kick.

Photo: Gimme Some Oven

Strawberry Jalapeno Salsa

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Distinctively sweet, tangy, and spicy, this salsa recipe from The View From Great Island is your answer for what to do with all those extra summer strawberries. Paired with jalapeño and some red onion, this dip holds up well for outdoor picnics and BBQs.

Photo: The Vies From Great Island

Grilled Corn Salsa

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Nothing really screams summer quite like sweet, slightly charred grilled corn, and this recipe from The Minimalist Baker certainly does it some justice. Combined with serrano peppers, fresh tomatoes, onion, and cilantro, you have an addictive new way to enjoy the fruits of your summer grilling labor.

Photo: The Minimalist Baker

Fresh Cherry Salsa

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Just as good as a standalone dip as it is a topper for grilled chicken or pork, this cherry salsa recipe from Well Plated is fruity and fresh. Jalapeños bring a welcome amount of heat, keeping the dish fiesta-appropriate.

Photo: Well Plated

Nectarine Basil Salsa

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Sweeten this sweet and juicy nectarine salsa from a Pinch of Yum with some honey and a tiny bit of sugar, and you've basically got a dippable summer dessert (if you can handle taking your dessert on a tortilla chip, that is).

Photo: Pinch of Yum

Peach Mango Salsa

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For an Asian-inspired take on salsa, substitute sweet red chili sauce from a Thai food market for chopped up onion and garlic like Averie Cooks did for this recipe—plus, it's easier!

Photo: Averie Cooks


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