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18 Watermelon Recipes for a Slice of Summer

Watermelon, Feta, and Basil Salad

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Nothing screams summer like a watermelon salad. Our version pairs the sweet, juicy fruit with slices of tart feta cheese and subtle hints of basil for a combo that wows. So take a break from your dip in the pool for this one—we promise you won't regret it.


Berry, Watermelon, and Ginger Smoothie

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Beat the heat with this stellar watermelon sip. Combining two summer all-stars—fresh berries and watermelon—this smoothie from Choosing Raw packs a one-two punch of flavor and nutrition. Adding watermelon to the smoothie gives it a natural sweetness, but also keeps it nice and thick. Plus, the ginger fights inflammation so you can rock that bikini body with confidence. Drink up!

Photo: Choosing Raw

Watermelon Gazpacho

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Say goodbye to the notion that soup only works in winter months. This watermelon gazpacho from Linda Wagner totally debunks that theory, giving us the perfect meal for those warm-weather nights spent outdoors. The thick, subtly sweet watermelon base—filled with spunky seasonal ingredients, such as cucumber, jalapeño, and ginger—just screams summer. And this meal requires zero cooking so you can get out of the kitchen and back to enjoying those oh-so-wonderful summer nights.

Photo: Linda Wagner

Strawberry and Watermelon Creamy Yogurt Pops

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We're going to let you in on a little secret: It's possible to have a dessert that's sweet, creamy, and healthy all at once. Strawberry and watermelon creamy yogurt pops from Sweet Potato Chronicles are the ultimate sweet treat. Greek yogurt gives the pop creaminess (laced with protein), while honey and fresh berries keep it light and naturally sweet. Have one as a midday snack or at the end of dinner to satisfy that sweet tooth craving.

Photo: Sweet Potato Chronicles

Honey Grilled Watermelon Caprese Salad

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Nothing beats a well-done caprese salad—unless you add honey grilled watermelon to it, that is. This hyped-up summer version from How Sweet It Is suggests lathering sweetness onto the fruit before you grill. The end result: a creamy combination that bursts with every bite.

Photo: How Sweet It Is

Watermelon Melonita

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Sometimes, a girl just needs a cocktail. Next time you feel the urge, give this watermelon melonita a shot. Chock-full of nutritional benefits and filled with fresh, warm weather flavors thanks to the watermelon water, this summer sip is the perfect drink for that al fresco happy hour. Not to mention it clocks in at less than 200 calories. Now that's what we call bikini-friendly!


Watermelon Salsa

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Spice up your pico de gallo by adding chunks of fresh, succulent watermelon. This watermelon salsa recipe by The Girl Who Ate Everything swaps tomatoes for watermelon, amping up the sweet and savory contrast. Serve it up with tortilla chips for an appetizer that will wow your guests. Note: It takes little prep time!

Photo: The Girl Who Ate Everything

Watermelon Butter

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Who knew that watermelon could be a healthy swap for butter on your morning toast? All you need for this simple and delicious butter is apple juice and watermelon (plus a bit of added sugar) and you're good to go.

Photo: A Palatable Pastime

Watermelon, Strawberry, and Tomatillo Salad

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As temperatures rise, our bodies start to crave fluids; but, let's be honest, water gets boring. Believe it or not, this salad from Pickled Plum is here to hydrate! The watermelon, tomatillos, and strawberries all have very high water content, so they'll replenish your body while serving up some seriously intense flavor. Tart tomatillos balance the sweeter flavors of watermelon and strawberries, and vibrant colors make it the most fun plate at the dinner table.

Photo: Picked Plum

Grilled Watermelon with Smoked Salt and Jalapeño Rings

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Did you know you could transform an iconic summer fruit in less than three minutes? As soon as watermelon goes on the grill, it changes texture, firming up and holding flavors more readily. Boulder Locavore suggests sprinkling the wedges with smoked sea salt to bring out that charred flavor. Top watermelon with grilled and sliced jalapeños to create a wild contrast of flavor.

Photo: Boulder Locavore

Roasted Watermelon Seeds

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Say goodbye to sunflower seeds and hello to roasted watermelon seeds. This snack may take a little more prep time, but the final product is well worth it. The Tolerant Vegan's recipe gives seeds some olive oil and sea salt to bring out that almost nutty flavor during the roasting process. And these easy-to-pop seeds are also the perfect snacks for any time of day—plus, they are high in flavor, and low in calories. What's not to love?

Photo: The Tolerant Vegan

Watermelon Beet Kale Juice

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We absolutely love a good juice. But Will Frolic for Food's creation—a watermelon beet kale juice—takes the juicing craze to a whole different level. Watermelon, one of the most hydrating types of fruit, thrown together with good-for-you beets and kale, create a drink that's loaded with body benefits. A mint garnish brings a pop of freshness that rounds the whole drink out. 

Photo: Will Frolic for Food

Watermelon Fruit Leather

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Make your watermelon snack mess-free and 100 percent portable by turning it into a fruit leather. Reminiscent of a fruit roll-up, Baked By Rachel's version has all of the flavor but ditches much of the sugar in the store-bought goodie. Instead, she purees and bakes real watermelon, adjusting the sweetness by hand. Although this revamped spin of the childhood classic won't leave your tongue bright blue, it will leave you fired up about your fruit!

Photo: Baked by Rachel

Snap Pea, Watermelon, and Edamame Salad

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Looking for a next-level salad this summer? Look no further. Joy the Baker calls this snap pea, watermelon, and edamame dish "a sexy California salad." We'd have to agree. But the party doesn't end there. Loaded with sneaky protein from edamame, packed with greens, and doused in a flavor-filled sesame vinaigrette, this salad honestly can't be beat.

Photo: Joy the Baker

Watermelon Jelly

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Whether or not we like it, summer inevitably comes to an end. But we have some good news for you—with the watermelon jelly from Love and Olive Oil, you can keep the season's best flavors rockin' and rollin' in your kitchen for much longer. Give canning a shot to create this delicious preserve, perfect for spreading on crackers or incorporating into a dessert. Or, if you're really craving that extra jolt of watermelon flavor, shamelessly sneak a spoonful. We won't judge!

Photo: Love and Olive Oil

Watermelon Steak

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So you think you've heard of every steak substitute out there—tuna, cauliflower, portobello, the list goes on. How about this watermelon steak from The Ravenous Couple? When grilled to perfection, these filets of watermelon bear a striking resemblance to ahi tuna steak. That's probably thanks to the fact that you prep this sweet steak the same way you would a savory one—with butter, sherry, salt, pepper, and a whole lotta love.

Photo: The Ravenous Couple

Seared Scallops on Watermelon Salad

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Seared scallops and watermelon salad may seem like an unlikely food pairing, but hear us out. The light, fruity taste of watermelon pairs perfectly with the buttery, protein-packed scallops, and is creative enough to wow all of your dinner guests.

Photo: A Spicy Perspective

Watermelon-Porsciutto Bites

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This low-cal combination of sweet, vitamin-rich watermelon and salty prosciutto and mozzarella makes for a great appetizer for any summer gathering. There is no easier way to get your daily recommended vitamins A and C than to skewer them on a stick with some meat and cheese.

Photo: Belly Full


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