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30 Awesome Avocado Toast Recipes


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Avocado toast is totally having a moment. And it’s no surprise—what could be better than buttery, ripe avocado smashed onto hearty, crusty bread? Not only does it taste incredible, but the combo of healthy fats and fiber is also super satisfying no matter what time of day hunger strikes.

New York City’s Cafe Gitane is said to have started the craze with their lemon juice, olive oil, and chili flake-topped seven-grain toast version (you’ve probably seen it on Instagram). But why stop there? We hunted down the most delicious, good-for-you twists on the web.

Hot and Spicy Avocado Toast

1. Cucumber-Tomato-Sriracha Avocado Toast
So simple. So spicy (if you desire). So good.   

2. Curried Avocado Toasts with Lime and Mustard Seed
Healthy Indian spice adds some serious global flair.

3. Harissa Avocado Toast
Swap out basic toast for a Thomas’ Original English Muffin, paired with mashed avocado, eggs, a green onion, and Harissa for an added kick.


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4. Goat Cheese and Avocado Toast with Red Pepper Flakes and Black Lava Sea Salt
Mixed and colored with charcoal, black lava sea salt has a slightly smoky taste that’s divine with spicy pepper, tangy cheese, and avocado.

Fresh from the Garden Flavors Avocado Toasts 

5. Avocado, Burrata, and Tomato Tartine
Creamy, gooey burrata makes this sandwich extra special. Swap in fresh mozzarella or ricotta if you can’t find it in your local market.

6. Cucumber Hummus Avocado Toast
If you haven’t already, introduce hummus to avocado, stat. The two hit it off perfectly.

7. Smashed Avocado, Black Bean, and Roasted Tomato Toasts
Take your toast south of the border with cumin-dusted roasted tomatoes and a sprinkling of pepitas.

8. Avocado and Mango Toast
Bright and tropical may just be the perfect way to start your day.

9. Spring Radish and Avocado Toasts
A fun twist on the classic tea sandwich made with refreshing, crunchy radish slices.

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10. Lemon Avocado Toast with Nutty Basil Pesto 
This homemade walnut pesto is loaded with bright lemon and basil and flavors—and is salt-free!

11. Smashed Pea and Avocado Toast
Peas sweeten the deal here and pump up the protein along with Greek yogurt.

12. Smashed Avocado Toast with Feta and Roasted Chili Sweet Corn 
This colorful recipe is so pretty and delicious, it begs to be served at your next fiesta.

13. Ginger-Mint, Strawberry, and Avocado Flatbread
Those perfectly ripe strawberries you’ve been eyeing at the farmer’s market make a stunning combo with avocado. Dust lightly with hemp seeds for added crunch and a nutty note.

Avocado Toast Sprinkled with Seeds or Nuts

14. Quinoa-Avocado Toast with Goat Cheese
Quinoa is showing up in almost every recipe nowadays—and we don’t mind one bit, especially when it’s mixed with avocado and cheese.

15. Avocado Toast with Chile Flakes and Crushed Pistachios
Break out your best olive oil for this nutty, spicy twist.

16. Chia Seed Avocado Toast
One more way to enjoy your omega-3s without fish.

17. Avocado Toast with Hemp Seeds and Balsamic Glaze
Balsamic isn’t just for salads—drizzle the reduction on nutritional yeast-spiked avocado to add a touch of sweet.

Photo: Nina Firsova/Shutterstock

18. Avocado Toast with Radishes, Hazelnuts, and Havarti
Creamy avocado, crispy radish, soft (dairy-free) cheese, and crunchy nuts. Could this toast be more packed with textures and flavor?

19. Avocado Toast with Soy and Sesame Seeds 
A dash of soy and some sesame seeds add stir-fry flavor and is ultra simple.

Meat and Seafood Sensations on Avocado Toasts

20. Smoked Salmon and Smashed Avocado Tartines
"Smoked salmon and smashed avocados are totally soul mates,” says blogger Ashley. We agree!

Photo: Baker by Nature

21. Avocado Chicken Salad on Toast
Yes, it’s more work than most avocado toast. But you will never go back to your mayo-soaked chicken salad.

22. Ahi Tuna Avocado Toast  
If you like sushi, you’ll love this! The topping gets a flavor boost from sweet white miso (good-your-gut probiotics!) and earthy black sesame seeds.

23. Crab and Avocado Toasts
A good lunch or appetizer, this recipe keeps things light thanks to bright mint and zingy lime juice.

24. Spicy Steak and Avocado Toast
Hello, dinner. And it packs heat thanks to jalapenos. (Omit them if that's not your thing.)

Photo: Yuliia Kononenko/Shutterstock

25. Sardine-Avocado Open-Faced Sandwich
Alton Brown’s "sardicado" sandwich is loaded with healthy fats (sardines are one of the most concentrated sources of omega-3 fatty acids).

26. Turkey and Avocado Toast 
Layer up creamy avocado with protein-rich turkey for an easy, healthy snack.

27. Avocado Toast with Pickled Onions, Anchovy, and Tomatoes
Okay, this one is a little involved. But it comes from a chef! (Edward Kim of Chicago’s Ruxbin and Mott Street, in fact). And it’s “Eating by Equinox Approved.”

Put an Egg On Avocado Toast

28. Kale, Egg, and Avocado Toast
Sautéed kale isn’t just a side dish—it’s an avocado toast topper too!

Photo: Zhemchugova Yulia/Shutterstock

29. Avocado Toast with Egg and Frisee
In case you’re wondering what frisee is, it’s a delicately sweet, crunchy lettuce. Paired with with avocado, a fried egg, and some zesty whole-grain mustard, it’s heaven.

30. Avocado Toast with Maple Bacon and Scrambled Eggs
Combine your favorite breakfast flavors with avocado for sweet, salty toast that’s perfect morning, noon, or night.

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