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5 Quick and Easy Vegetable Recipes

Fast Vegetable Recipes: Spinach and Bacon

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A sprinkling of something savory and indulgent—like bacon—goes a long way when you're making fast vegetable dishes. Spinach is one of the quickest-cooking veggies around, and this delicious side goes from counter to table in almost no time. Get the quick and easy recipe for spinach with bacon.

Fast Vegetable Recipes: Baked Sweet Potato with Honey Butter

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Sweet potatoes cook surprisingly well in the microwave. Coupled with a choice amount of rich, sweet butter, they make a flavor-packed side dish, or paired with a salad, a light dinner for one. Try this baked sweet potato recipe with honey butter tonight.

Fast Vegetable Recipes: Corn with Mustard Seeds

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Flavorful mustard seeds and subtle turmeric instantly enliven a package of frozen corn in this spicy Indian vegetable dish. You can find black mustard seeds at most specialty markets. Get the quick and easy corn recipe with mustard seeds.

Fast Vegetable Recipes: Fennel and Cabbage Slaw

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Slaws aren't only for summer barbecues. They're healthy and always taste fresh, even in the depths of winter. What's more, there's no cooking involved; all the preparation time is spent chopping and mixing. Impress dinner guests with this no-hassle fennel and cabbage slaw recipe.

Fast Vegetable Recipes: Spaghetti String Beans

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You won't find any pasta here! These are string beans prepared and served in the style of spaghetti—with olive oil, garlic, and Parmesan cheese—to make a healthy, satisfying vegetable dish. Get the spaghetti string beans recipe. Then, see more amazing 10-minute vegetarian recipes.


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