Is an Avocado Shortage Coming Our Way?

Your favorite source of healthy fat could soon disappear from healthy recipes and menus worldwide—or just become super, super pricey


Talk about a brave new world: We could be on the edge of an international avocado crisis. California, which produces about 95 percent of the U.S. avocado supply, has experienced the worst drought in 1,200 years during the 2012-2014 growing seasons, according to a report from climate scientists at the University of Minnesota and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

This spells bad news for fans of the green, fleshy fruit, since avocados require more water to produce than many other fruits and veggies (about one million gallons per acre of trees). The drought, coupled with the growing popularity of avocados, has caused demand to outgrow supply. While the guacamole ingredient won't disappear forever any time soon, you can expect prices to rise, as indicated by Chipotle's announcement earlier this year that they may have to temporarily remove guacamole from their menu due to an uptick in prices.

For now, savor every last bit of the tasty fruit filled with healthy fats, fiber, and potassium with avocado toast, avocado fries, or one of our all-time favorites, chocolate avocado pudding. And don't miss these 5 New Things to Do with Avocado!

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