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The Best Low Calorie Hot Drinks for Cold Weather

The Best Low Calorie Hot Drinks for Cold Weather

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Nothing warms you up like a latte or steaming mug of hot chocolate during winter—but the calorie count can be hard to swallow. Sip smarter and save yourself hundreds of extra calories with these simple tricks for slimming down your favorite hot drinks.

Low Calorie Hot Drinks #1: Hot Chocolate

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Most cafes serve hot chocolate with whipped cream, whole milk, and as much fat as an order of French fries. Skip the whip and ask for nonfat milk to cut more than 120 calories and 14 g fat. At home, mix 1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder and 3 packets artificial sweetener into 1 cup nonfat milk for an under-100-calorie treat.

Low Calorie Hot Drinks #2: Chai Soy Latte

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Hefty doses of honey and sugar take this otherwise healthy blend of black tea, spices, and soy milk into dangerous territory at most coffee shops. Make your own 30-calorie version by steeping a chai tea bag in hot water and stirring in 1 tsp honey and 2 tbsp light soy milk.

Low Calorie Hot Drinks #3: Spiced Apple Cider

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This cold-weather classic packs none of the fiber found in real apples. Plus, many versions contain cinnamon flavored syrup—which makes a beverage that delivers as much sugar as three king-size candy bars. For a slimmer sip, simmer 1-quart apple cider with orange zest, whole cloves, and cinnamon sticks in a large pot for five minutes. It’s only 100 calories per cup!

Low Calorie Hot Drinks #4: Caramel Macchiato

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This sweet upgrade from a regular macchiato (espresso with a dollop of foamed milk) boasts more milk, as well as sugary vanilla syrup and caramel sauce. If you switch to sugar-free syrup (which trims 20 calories per pump) and nonfat milk, you can keep the caramel drizzle and still come in around 120 calories.

Low Calorie Hot Drinks #5: Mulled wine

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You'd think antioxidant-packed red wine simmered with cloves and orange peel would be a wise pick. But most recipes also call for more than 7 tsp of sugar per serving. The good news: calorie counts on alcoholic drink recipes don't have to skyrocket. Halve the sugar and swap in port (1∕4 cup mixed with one bottle of wine serves four) for traditional brandy to save 70 calories per serving of mulled wine.


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