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Brilliant Berry Recipes That Are Good for Your Heart

Heart-Healthy Berry Recipes

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February is American Heart Month and luckily, there are tons of healthy, tasty foods to help you celebrate. Though no one food is a cure-all, the American Heart Association recommends adding plenty of color to your diet through fruits and veggies to get all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your body needs. Berries are perhaps the most colorful way to boost your heart health. Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries are packed with polyphenols like anthocyanins, flavan-3-ols, procyanidins, flavonols, ellagitannins, and hydroxycinnamates. In other words, they help prevent damage to cells to help keep you healthy. The fiber in berries is also helpful for lowering cholesterol.

These small but mighty superfoods can be used in all kinds of delicious ways. Here, registered dietitians share their best healthy berry recipes your taste buds—and your heart—will love you for.

Wild Blueberry Turmeric Zinger Smoothie

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This blueberry smoothie is packed with immune-boosting antioxidants and a satisfyingly sweet and spicy flavor, thanks to the addition of turmeric and ginger. Wild blueberries also have twice the antioxidants of regular (cultivated) blueberries, making this smoothie one free-radical-fighting beverage.

Get the recipe: Wild Blueberry Turmeric Zinger Smoothie

Photo: The Foodie Dietitian

Berry Almond Cocoa Smoothie

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This powerful pink smoothie gets an extra antioxidant boost and luxurious taste from the addition of cocoa powder. Bonus: The almonds provide filling fiber and heart-healthy fats, plus a little protein.

Get the recipe: Berry Almond Cocoa Smoothie

Photo: Amy Gorin Nutrition

Blackberry and Cantaloupe Parfait

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Sweet cantaloupe and sharp blackberries take plain Greek yogurt and your favorite granola to a new level. Make ahead of time for an easy breakfast.

Get the recipe: Blackberry and Cantaloupe Parfait

Photo: Kati Mora, MS, RD

Strawberry Chocolate Overnight Oats

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Step up your overnight oats game with this tasty chocolate strawberry version. When you make these during your Sunday meal prep, you'll actually look forward to Monday morning. (Next up: 20 Overnight Oats Recipes That Will Change Mornings Forever.)

Get the recipe: Strawberry Chocolate Overnight Oats

Photo: Nutrition by Nazima

Blueberry Lemon Pancakes

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Gluten- and dairy-free, these blueberry pancakes feature edible lemon essential oil for a rich, bright flavor. They're a great way to unwind with a nourishing breakfast on a weekend morning or a day off. (We also suggest this strawberry and champagne pancake recipe for when you really have something to celebrate.) 

Get the recipe: Blueberry Lemon Pancakes

Photo: Kiss In the Kitchen

Ricotta Berry Oatmeal Cups

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If you haven't tried creamy ricotta cooked into oatmeal, you need to get on that ASAP. This baked version makes the perfect grab-and-go weekday breakfast or healthy snack.

Get the recipe: Ricotta Berry Oatmeal Cups

Photo: Nutritioulicious

Blackberry Peach Kale Salad

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The bright flavors of blackberries and peach slices liven up this kale salad. Toasted almonds and goat cheese add some staying power so you can enjoy this as a light lunch or even dinner.

Get the recipe: Blackberry Peach Kale Salad

Photo: Lively Table

Blueberry Cobbler Smoothie

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This high-protein, high-fiber blueberry cobbler smoothie lets you enjoy the taste of the classic dessert without having to step anywhere near an oven.

Get the recipe: Healthy Blueberry Cobbler Smoothie

Photo: Abbey's Kitchen

Roasted Salmon with Raspberry, Maple, and Thyme

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This sweet-and-savory dish is perfect for your Valentine's Day menu—or any night of the year. Make with fresh or frozen berries. Bonus: It's ready in 15 minutes flat.

Get the recipe: Roasted Salmon with Raspberry, Maple, and Thyme

Photo: Katie Cavuto, RD

Blueberry Lemon Tarts

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These adorable little no-bake tarts come together with just a few ingredients. Enjoy one as a 120-calorie dessert or have a couple for a delish easy breakfast.

Get the recipe: Blueberry Lemon Tarts

Photo: Eleat Sports Nutrition

Wild Blueberry Overnight Waffle Bake

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This gluten-free, dairy-free overnight waffle bake is a great make-ahead healthy dessert and does double duty as breakfast. Serve it for brunch with your besties.

Get the recipe: Wild Blueberry Overnight Waffle Bake

Photo: Kiss In the Kitchen

Grilled Strawberry and Asparagus Freekeh Salad

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Freekeh is an ancient grain that's perfect for grain-based salads. Here, it shines with crisp asparagus and lightly grilled strawberries, which you can make on a grill pan if you're stuck indoors.

Get the recipe: Grilled Strawberry and Asparagus Freekeh Salad

Photo: Robin Plotkin, RD

Blueberry Chia Pudding

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Make this chia pudding in the blender and let it sit in the fridge for a few hours or overnight to thicken up. Packed with fiber, it makes a super-satisfying snack or quick breakfast and provides a refreshingly tart taste thanks to the hint of lemon.

Get the recipe: Blueberry Chia Pudding

Photo: C It Nutritionally

Chocolate Mousse-Filled Strawberries

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Who doesn't love chocolate and strawberries? With just 70 calories apiece, this fun, healthy take on the classic combo only tastes indulgent.

Get the recipe: Chocolate Mousse-Filled Strawberries

Photo: Nutrition Starring YOU

Chocolate Mint Berry Quinoa Bowl

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Chocolate and quinoa for breakfast? You bet. This healthy recipe is packed with good-for-you ingredients and a rich flavor that will keep you satisfied all morning long.

Get the recipe: Chocolate Mint Berry Quinoa Bowl

Photo: Bucket List Tummy

Cherry Strawberry Chia Seed Jam

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This five-ingredient low-sugar fruit spread is a healthy alternative to store-bought jam. It's super-easy to whip up, thanks to the addition of chia seeds. Make it with fresh or frozen fruit.

Get the recipe: Cherry Strawberry Chia Seed Jam

Photo: Abbey's Kitchen

Whole-Wheat Blackberry Oat Bars

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Skip the packaged version—these chewy blackberry oat bars made with white whole-wheat flour and oats will become your new go-to breakfast bar.

Get the recipe: Whole-Wheat Blackberry Oat Bars

Photo: Dishing Out Health

Secret Ingredient Wild Blueberry Nice Cream Smoothie Bowl

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This vegan smoothie bowl incorporates frozen riced cauliflower, which lends a smooth, creamy texture without any funky cauliflower taste (promise!). Say hello to your new favorite way to sneak in veggies at breakfast.

Get the recipe: Wild Blueberry Nice Cream Smoothie Bowl

Photo: Jessica Cording Nutrition

Sweet Potato Cranberry Oats

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Wake up your morning oatmeal routine with this gluten-free oatmeal recipe. The mild, mellow flavor of roasted sweet potato contrasts beautifully with the bright pop of citrus cranberry sauce. Using quick-cooking oats cuts cooking time so you don't have to slave over the stove all morning. (And be sure to check out these Time-Saving Oatmeal Hacks That Will Completely Change Your Morning.)

Get the recipe: Sweet Potato Cranberry Oats

Photo: Katie Cavuto, RD

Wild Blueberry Chia Breakfast Bowl

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This make-ahead breakfast will add a major flavor upgrade and serious staying power to your weekday mornings, thanks to protein-rich kefir and fiber from the chia seeds, which also provide a hefty dose of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Get the recipe: Wild Blueberry Chia Breakfast Bowl

Photo: My Cape Cod Kitchen

Berry and Cashew Cream Breakfast Pizza

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Pizza for breakfast? Yep! This tasty, healthy recipe is packed with berry goodness. It also happens to be vegan but packs in plenty of protein, thanks to cashews, almond butter, and hemp hearts.

Get the recipe: Berry and Cashew Cream Breakfast Pizza

Photo: Triad to Wellness

Chocolate Raspberry Yogurt Cookies

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This lower-sugar cookie recipe is still loaded with flavor, thanks to the bright burst of fresh raspberries. Using plain Greek yogurt instead of butter trims calories and fat while lending a satisfying texture and a little extra protein.

Get the recipe: Chocolate Raspberry Yogurt Cookies

Photo: Mommyhood Bytes


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