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Healthy Baking Recipes That Use Cocoa Powder

Cuckoo for Cocoa

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Good news: Unsweetened cocoa powder (naturally derived during the separation of cocoa butter from the cocoa paste) contains 1.8 grams of fiber per tablespoon, plus iron, manganese, magnesium, and zinc. And  research has shown that due to the high flavonoid content of this superfood, cocoa consumption may help with lowering your risk for diabetes, a condition associated with cardiovascular disease. Regardless of whether you're concerned about this or not, one thing is for certain: We could all use a bit more chocolate in our lives, right? So in the spirit of hot cocoa season, dive into these creative cocoa powder recipes to satisfy that sweet tooth.

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Homemade Chocolate Brownies

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Whole-wheat flour meets cocoa to create a wonderful healthy twist on a classic. This recipe from registered dietitian nutritionist and chef Sara Haas has become a family favorite in my household and I can be certain it will in yours shortly too. (We also like these no-bake vegan brownies.)

Get the recipe: Homemade Chocolate Brownies

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Cranberry Cocoa No-Bake Cookies

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Crunchy and sinfully sweet, these cookies are the answer to your chocolate prayers. They're made in minutes and are packed with protein from a secret ingredient: Enlightened Cocoa-Dusted Roasted Broad Bean Crisps.

Get the recipe: Cranberry Cocoa No-Bake Cookies

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Death By Chocolate Cake

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One bite of this treat and you'll be begging for more! This Death By Chocolate cake uses dark cocoa powder to create a rich cake that's light and moist from the addition of zucchini and cottage cheese. The beauty of this baby is that it's lower in sugar without sacrificing any flavor.

Get the recipe: Death By Chocolate Cake

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Peanut Butter Cocoa Puppy Chow

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Delicious and nutritious puppy chow? Count me in! This recipe combines the wonderful flavor of cocoa powdered peanut butter with the satisfying crunch of Wheat Chex and banana chips. The downside? Trying to practice portion control.

Get the recipe: Peanut Butter Cocoa Puppy Chow

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Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies

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Made with natural cocoa peanut powder, whole peanuts, and oats, this recipe is something even the purest of the pure can get on board with.

Get the recipe: Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies

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Mayan Hot Cocoa

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Kick your hot cocoa up a notch with cayenne pepper. Trust me, your taste buds will be pleasantly surprised and your metabolism may even get a boost. (Also try one of these Heavenly Hot Chocolate Recipes)

Get the recipe: Mayan Hot Cocoa


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Vegan Chocolate Pudding

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Lower in sugar than your average pudding, this vegan delight is sure to please both kids and adults. This recipe includes avocado (yes, healthy fat!) and antioxidant-packed raspberries. Put those together with cocoa powder and a little agave, et voilà: instant homemade chocolate pudding.

Get the recipe: Vegan Chocolate Pudding

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Hot Cocoa Almond Bark

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When you're looking for decadent chocolate goodness, this is your answer. This recipe uses classic hot cocoa mix and heart-healthy almonds to create a wonderful, texture-filled crunch. Life's about enjoying all foods in moderation, and I for one will be noshing on this.

Get the recipe: Hot Cocoa Almond Bark

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Mini Vegan Chocolate Bites

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Oatmeal, a complex carbohydrate filled with heart-healthy fiber and B vitamins, combines beautifully with antioxidant-rich chocolate in these bite-size cookies.

Get the recipe: Mini Vegan Chocolate Bites

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