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This Easy French Toast Recipe Takes Less Than 10 Minutes

We’re all about a satisfying breakfast in the morning—think veggie-packed omelets or homemade oatmeal with chia seeds. But in reality, weekday breakfasts typically look like a granola bar in one hand and coffee in the other, bags over your shoulder as you run out the door. Bummer, right? That’s no way to start your butt-kicking, get-stuff-done day.

What if we told you that there was not only time for a real breakfast on weekday mornings, but that the breakfast was also French toast?! Mind blown, right? It’s all made possible thanks to this French Toast In a Mug Recipe from Emily of Jelly Toast. (P.S. Emily actually has a lot of brilliant morning meals you’ll want to check out.)

So, how exactly do you make French toast in less than 10 minutes? The secret is in the mug, and putting that mug in the microwave. All the usual French toast players are involved—an egg, milk, cinnamon, and thick-cut bread—but just made on a smaller, pre-portioned (yes!) scale. The best part about this quick recipe is that you can doctor it up with your toppings of choice. Try nuts, dried fruit, or even chocolate chips.

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