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By By Tieghan Gerard
April 21, 2017

Pizza isn't all that bad for you-it even has some health benefits. (Seriously-eat pizza after your workout if you want.) But if you're looking for the secret to truly healthy pizza? It begins in your kitchen. (Tapping your inner chef can save you over 100 cals/slice.)

Start with a healthy crust-like these delicious, homemade whole-grain and veggie options. Then mix and match your sauce and toppings. Anything spreadable can work as a sauce, and that includes dips, dressings, and salsas. (Here, DIY mash-up sauces that combine unexpected flavors in the best way.) Pick one, then layer on fruits, veggies, and protein. Try one of these creative combos from Tieghan Gerard (the culinary mastermind behind successful food blog Half Baked Harvest) or come up with your own. (Love what Gerard is throwin' down? Next up, try her homemade salad dressings, healthy salad hacks, and lunch meal-prep ideas that are just as genius.)

Guacamole + Grilled shrimp + Strawberry salsa

Creamy salad dressing + Microgreens + Fresh vegetables + Parmesan

Micro-who? Here's what you need to know about the health value of those teeny tiny greens.

Hummus + Marinated olives + Feta cheese

Yes, really-hummus on pizza. These other out-of-the-box hummus recipes will blow your mind.

Peanut sauce + Shaved carrot + Kiwi + Sliced yellow peppers + Mozzarella

ICYMI, kiwi is one of the lesser-known foods that's killer for weight loss.

Barbecue sauce + Roasted corn + Grilled chicken + Fontina

Vegan? Don't worry-there are plenty of cheesy, delicious pizza options for you too.

Chimichurri + Grilled steak + Pomegranate arils + Goat cheese

Those magical pomegranate seeds can even help keep you from overeating (aka crushing the entire pie).

Photos: Sang An

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