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Easy Proats Recipes That Help You Add More Protein to Your Breakfast

Banana Bread Proats

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With these delicious banana bread protein oats, you'll feel like you're eating dessert for breakfast—minus the added sugars, and plus fiber and protein. Make this quick and easy breakfast in the microwave in just one minute. If you're into meal prep, you can also make these proats overnight so all you need to do is grab and go on busy mornings. 

Get the recipe: Banana Bread Proats

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Hemp and Flax "Instant" Proats

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Skip the sugary packets of instant oats and make your own version packed with protein and super seeds supplying anti-inflammatory omega-3s. This oatmeal provides 25 grams of protein and 13 grams of filling fiber. Check out more Healthy Ways to Eat Flaxseeds.

Get the recipe: Hemp and Flax Instant Oats

Photo: Kelli Shallal, MPH, RD/Hungry Hobby

Snickerdoodle Proats

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If you aren't keen on protein powder, try these snickerdoodle-inspired proats. They get their protein punch from a mix of protein kefir, nut butter, and chia seeds. Cozy up to this filling bowl of oats in the morning for long-lasting energy, or kick it up a notch with 10 Healthy Cookies You Can Eat for Breakfast.

Get the recipe: Snickerdoodle Proats

Photo: Julie Harrington, RD/RDelicious Kitchen

Sunflower Seed Butter and Jelly Overnight Proats

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Love PB&Js? For a new twist, try this flavor-packed overnight proats recipe with sunflower seed butter and jelly. The protein is bumped up with unsweetened soy milk and chia seeds. It also features chia jam instead of sugar-sweetened jarred jam. (Try more Fancy PB&J Recipes That Are All Grown Up)

Get the recipe: Sunflower Seed Butter and Jelly Overnight Proats

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Egg White Oatmeal

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Egg whites are a great way to add protein to oatmeal without adding a ton of extra calories. They also provide a fluffy texture that'll make your nutritious breakfast taste like a treat. This egg white oatmeal recipe can go sweet or savory, depending on your preferences. Have fun experimenting with different toppings and mix-ins!

Get the recipe: Egg White Oatmeal

Photo: Jessica Cording, MS, RD/Jessica Cording Nutrition

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Overnight Proats

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Enjoy 23 grams of protein in these tasty, fiber-packed chocolate and strawberry overnight oats. No need to cook them—just let this filling breakfast sit overnight in a Mason jar and in the morning all you need is a spoon! Keep it sweet all week with these Healthy Chocolate Smoothie Recipes.

Get the recipe: Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Overnight Oats

Photo: Lauren Harris-Pincus, MS, RDN/Nutrition Starring YOU

Spiced Apple Proats Custard

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This spiced apple oatmeal is packed with 21 grams of protein per serving. Eggs and milk are used to cook the oats and add in the extra boost of protein to power you through the morning. Round out your morning every day this week with Easy Recipes for Breakfast Bowls.

Get the recipe: High-Protein Spiced Apple Oatmeal Custard

Photo: Lauren Sharifi, RD/Bite of Health Nutrition

Kiwi Power Proats

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The ultimate healthy breakfast, these kiwi proats are packed with fiber and protein and are rich in vitamin C. This fruity, sweet and savory high-protein breakfast is just what you need to keep you satisfied longer to take on all that your day has in store.

Get the recipe: Kiwi Power Proats

Photo: Regan Jones, RD/Healthy Aperture

Mango Banana Almond Overnight Proats

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These mango overnight proats provide satiating protein and fiber to keep you fueled all morning. The recipe is sweetened with mango, banana, cinnamon, and nutmeg—and just a teaspoon of honey. Want more? These 20 Overnight Oats Recipes Will Change Breakfast Forever.

Get the recipe: Mango Banana Almond Overnight Proats

Photo: Amy Gorin, MS, RDN/Amy Gorin Nutrition

Berry Chocolate Almond Overnight Proats

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Save time in the morning by making these fiber-packed proats the night before. The combination of strawberries, almonds, and chocolate will have you feeling like you're having a treat for breakfast.

Get the recipe: Berry Chocolate Almond Overnight Proats

Photo: Nazima Qureshi, RD, MPH/Nutrition by Nazima


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