These Flavorful Fall Salads Prove You Can Eat a Bowl of Greens Even After Summer Ends

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Autumn isn't exactly synonymous with bowls of fresh greens. But with the help of the season's best and brightest vegetables, fall salads can be well-deserving of a spot on your lunch or dinner table.

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Beet-Steak, Orange, and Dandelion Fall Salad with Pistachio Yogurt

Beet-Steak, Orange & Dandelion Salad With Pistachio Yogurt
Sang An

The orange quarters in this fall salad not only add some much-needed brightness, but they also bring a burst of citrus that pulls all of the dark greens together. Plus, the roasted beets add warmth to the otherwise cool meal. (Pro tip: Be sure to wear gloves when handling the beets so you don't stain your fingers.)

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Halloumi, Radicchio, and Apple Fall Salad with Warm Mint-Cider Vinaigrette and Quinoa Crisps

Halloumi, Radicchio & Apple Salad With Warm Mint-Cider Vinaigrette & Quinoa Crisps
Sang An

Overwhelmed with apples from your latest trip to the orchard? This fall salad recipe is the perfect way to use them up. Thanks to the ultra-filling quinoa, halloumi cheese, and green apple, the meal will help re-energize you in the middle of a long WFH day.

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Crunchy Green Rice Fall Salad

Crunchy Green Rice Salad
Sang An

It might seem a little out there to add rice to a fall salad, but trust, it's not a step to skip. The rice is pressed into a pancake, cooked until super crispy, and broken up into hunks at the last minute – just think of them as an upscale crouton. And when paired with a jammy egg and diced avocado, this salad is sure to satisfy.

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Crispy Lentil and Crunchy Cauliflower-Broccoli Fall Salad

Crispy Lentil & Crunchy Cauliflower-Broccoli Salad With Cornichon-Caper Dressing
Sang An

This fall salad resembles more of a buddha bowl than your usual plate of greens, but it shouldn't be passed over. Inside, you'll find roasted cauliflower and broccoli, toasted almonds, and crunchy lentils that will refuel you after a tough workout, and on top, you'll find a cornichon-caper dressing that ties all the fixings together.

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Crispy Butternut Squash Fall Salad with Shiitake Bacon and Tahini Ranch Dressing

Crispy Butternut Squash Salad With Shiitake Bacon & Tahini Ranch Dressing
Sang An

Plant-based eaters, you'll want to add this fall salad to your dinner rotation, stat. Regular bacon is ditched for a vegan version made from shiitake mushrooms, and the ranch is made dairy-free by swapping the buttermilk for tahini. Drooling yet? (

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