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French Toast Recipes for a Healthy Twist On Breakfast

Pomegranate Pecan French Toast

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This French toast is perfectly sweet without any maple syrup or sugar thanks to the addition of pomegranate juice and POM POMS, which are ready-to-eat, fiber-filled pomegranate arils that get their ruby red color from antioxidants. The seeds add a nice crunch to the toast, along with the pecans.

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Pumpkin French Toast Roll-Ups

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"If you select the right ingredients, French toast can be a healthy breakfast, like these pumpkin French toast roll-ups," says Julie Harrington, R.D., blogger at RDelicious Kitchen. "Make sure to start out with a hearty whole-grain bread packed with fiber. French toast is dunked in egg or egg white, and these roll-ups add an extra boost of protein with a cottage cheese filling." (Check out these other high-protein breakfast ideas that aren't eggs.)

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Halos Mandarin Orange French Toast

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You don't need to add butter to this French toast—it's already perfectly creamy thanks to the vanilla ricotta mixture on top. The recipe features Wonderful Halos, seedless mandarin oranges grown in California (also an excellent source of vitamin C).

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Baked Apple French Toast

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"This French Toast is made with whole-wheat challah bread for a fiber boost and topped with caramelized fresh apples," says Jessica Fishman Levinson, M.S., R.D.N., a culinary nutrition expert at Nutritioulicious. "With only 3 tablespoons of brown sugar in the entire recipe, it's also lower in sugar than most French toast recipes. Serve with low-fat plain Greek yogurt for a protein boost." (Discover 10 amazing apple recipes that are perfect for fall.)

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Pear Spiced French Toast

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"This decadent-looking French toast has a secret—it's actually not decadent at all," says Natalie Rizzo, M.S., R.D., blogger at Nutrition à la Natalie. "By using whole-wheat bread and omitting the butter, this French toast is a brunch treat that you can enjoy every weekend. I personally like to eat French toast two hours before an intense weekend workout session. It's full of healthy carbs, like whole grains and fruit, to give me long-lasting energy."

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Almond-Crusted Vegan French Toast with Sour Cherries

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Here's a vegan French toast you're going to want to stick a fork into. "This almond-crusted French toast is made without any eggs or dairy, rather a combination of high-fiber flax and almonds," says Abbey Sharp, R.D., blogger at Abbey's Kitchen. "Serve it with a spoonful of an amazing sour cherry sauce, and you have a guilt-free breakfast worth getting up for!" (Learn all about the health benefits of cherries and why they are a true superfruit.)

Get the recipe: Almond-Crusted Vegan French Toast with Sour Cherries

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High-Protein Pumpkin French Toast

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The egg whites and protein powder in the French toast provide a protein boost—and pumpkin purée adds nutrients. "This recipe has less sugar and more protein than most French toast recipes," says Kelli Shallal, M.P.H., R.D., C.P.T., C.L.T., blogger at Hungry Hobby. "Protein is an important part of breakfast, as it helps keep you full and energized for the day."

Get the recipe: High-Protein Pumpkin French Toast

Photo: Kelli Shallal

Healthier French Toast

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"Whole-grain bread ups the fiber in this recipe, while an extra egg adds protein," says Maria Adams, M.S., M.P.H., R.D.N., nutrition coach and blogger at Hälsa Nutrition. "Sprinkling some chopped nuts or seeds over the French toast provides additional protein and healthy fat to balance out the sugar. I like to pour just a small amount of syrup—about 1 tablespoon—into a little dipping bowl for my kids."

Get the recipe: Healthier French Toast

Photo: Hälsa Nutrition


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