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Fruit Sushi Instagrams That Will Make You Swap Your Fish for Fruit

Disney Does It Best

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Scour the #frushi tag for fruit sushi on Instagram, and you're bound to see a lot of these pretty pink rolls. 'Grammers are grabbing them at the Disney Epcot Japan pavilion, and raving about how delish they are. Need an excuse to go back to Disney World? Now you have it.

Photo: @_jessicaad Instagram

Oversized Rolls

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These oversize frushi rolls are filled with three types of fruit (we spy melon and pineapple!), topped with what looks like a minty glaze, blueberries, and shredded coconut. Drooling yet? (Just wait until you see these sushi doughnut Instagrams. Mind = blown.)

Photo: @justindesvignes Instagram

Go Big or Go Home

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You could slap some strawberries on rice and call it frushi, or you could get ~fancy~ like this chef with kiwi balls, dragon fruit slices, and mixed rice squares.

Photo: @thinkingchef Instagram

Make It Maki

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This maki (hand) roll is made with tempura (fried) fried banana, mango, blueberries and topped with kiwi. The only thing better than fried fish has got to be fried fruit (ok, or fried Oreos). (You should know, however, that any tempura-based sushi is a no-no for weight loss.)

Photo: @alanbrun Instagram

Wrap It In Rice Paper

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Think outside the (rice) grain; this Instagram shows frushi made with rice paper, a thinner, but just-as-delicious way to hold those fillings together, and let all the flavors shine through. In this case, that means mango, watermelon, avocado, fresh mint leaves and curry-cinnamon roasted tofu. The best part? It's topped with a homemade pitaya-vanilla sauce which is basically just made of (dried dragon fruit, coconut milk, 1 banana, and some vanilla.) Now this is frushi made fancy.

Photo: @aniahimsa Instagram

KISS: Keep It Simple, Sushi

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In case you don't have the culinary skills to make a roll (it's hard, you guys!) then you can always go with some basic nigiri—aka fish, or fruit, on rice. Try mango, kiwi, strawberry, and raspberries, like in this Instagram. (If you're eating actual sushi and want the healthiest pick, go for sashimi. It's one of the lowest cal sushi options out there.)

Photo: @redhamelia Instagram

Add Some Superfoods

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You can add chia seeds to basically everything else you eat—why not include them in frushi? This Instagram features a fruity chia filling and maple syrup to dip (do go too crazy with it, though ).

Photo: @minrebolledo Instagram

Ditch the Rice for Rice Crispy Treats

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If you want to make your sushi really sweet, swap regular sushi rice for rice crispy treats, like in this Instagram. Made with strawberries, bananas, rolled in chocolate hazelnut spread and topped with crystallized ginger, this frushi makes for an indulgent, delicious dessert.

Photo: @truly_ginger Instagram

Sweeten Up Your Summer Roll

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Go for a summer roll instead of sushi; you can still get your veggies in (like cucumber and lettuce in these rolls) plus the sweetness of kiwi, mango, and strawberries.

Photo: @electriclightorchestra Instagram

Forget Fish Roe

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If you love the burst of fish roe in a bite of sushi, top your frushi with pomegranate seeds for the same effect. They pair well with virtually any fruit, but this Instagrammer included plum, papaya, kiwi and coconut rice.

Photo: @aurorasatler Instagram

Swap Sesame for Poppy Seeds

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Instead of coating your maki roll in sesame seeds, a lá regular sushi, opt for poppy seeds instead. They'll add a little brunch and a whole lot of asethetic appeal to your frushi spread.

Photo: @kity5069


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