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8 Egg Recipes That Make the Perfect Healthy Lunch

Smoked Salmon Frittata

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Frittatas are super versatile. This version includes smoked salmon, bok choy, pickled red onion, and everything bagel spice. Toss a piece of it into a salad, or sandwich a wedge between two slices of bread. (You'll also want to check out these other 13 healthy and easy-to-make frittata recipes.)

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Freezer Breakfast Burritos

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With potatoes, veggies, beans, chilies, scrambled eggs, and cheese tucked into a handheld pocket, these freeze-and-eat breakfast burritos also make a fantastic lunch option. Zap them in the office microwave for a warm, filling meal. And if you want more healthy recipes for freezer meals, check out our list of breakfast ideas.

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Deconstructed Egg Salad Sandwich

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With all the components of an egg salad sandwich, this open-faced version adds avocado and gherkins for even more flavor. Dress it up with your favorite toppings and condiments to make it your own.

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Farmers' Market Salad with Ribboned Goat Cheese Omelet

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Now this is a new idea! Add sliced omelet to up the fullness factor of any salad. Here, super-thin flat omelets are stacked on top of one another, rolled into a log, and sliced into ribbons. Then they go on top of a farm-fresh market salad. (For more lunchtime salads that will fill you up, check out these grain-based salads that seriously satisfy.)

Get the recipe: Farmers' Market Salad with Ribboned Goat Cheese Omelet

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Asparagus and Shiitake Mushroom Frittatas

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These mini egg bites—cooked in a muffin pan—are incredibly versatile. Grab one for a quick, healthy snack, or a couple for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And since they're stuffed with asparagus and shiitake mushrooms, these egg muffins will help you hit your veggie goals, too. (Discover more ways to use your muffin tin for portion-controlled recipes.)

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Hatch Green Chili and Tomato Egg Casserole

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Vegetarian and super healthy, this gluten-free egg bake has a delicious crust and is loaded with flavor from ripe tomatoes and green chilies that add a nice kick.

Get the recipe: Hatch Green Chili and Tomato Egg Casserole

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Breakfast Pizza Quiche

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Whether or not you follow a Paleo diet, you'll still love this egg-based crust topped with your favorite pizza parlor toppings. And while it might be called a breakfast quiche, this dish works equally well for lunch or even dinner.

Get the recipe: Breakfast Pizza Quiche

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Avocado Egg Salad

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With just four simple ingredients (plus bread, to turn it into a sandwich), you'll find yourself packing this egg salad for lunch over and over and over. Bonus: This salad gets is totally mayo-free, so its creaminess comes from avocado—packing two healthy stay-full foods (avocado and egg) into one delicious meal. (Love the green fruit as much as we do? Check out eight new ways to eat avocado.)

Get the recipe: Mayo-Free Avocado Egg Salad

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