This takes the smoothie bowl trend to a whole new level.

By Faith Brar
June 14, 2017

With summer in full swing, it's all about finding fun and creative ways to make your food look just as good as it tastes (rainbow superfood smoothies, anyone?). That's why it was hard not to swoon over these fruit boat ideas that have been brightening your social media feeds one colorful post at a time. Not only do these recipes give your a.m. smoothie a much-needed upgrade, their tropical flair makes for quite the Instagram-worthy breakfast.

1. Pink Pineapple Boat

The Internet lost it when the pink pineapple first surfaced, so it's only natural that this unicorn of fruits quickly took over your Instagram feed. This particular recipe by @alphafoodie is so pretty it's basically a work of art-and quite simple. All you have to do is cut the pineapple in half and spoon out the fruit, then add a cup full of yogurt mixed with beetroot powder. Top it off with whatever berries you like and enjoy!

2. Pitaya Watermelon Smoothie Bowl

These 18 watermelon recipes are proof that this summer fruit staple can take on many delicious forms. Served in a pineapple boat, this vibrant recipe by @meghnas_ is made up of frozen red pitaya (dragon fruit), watermelon, a little pineapple, and a ripe banana-and it's topped with more watermelon, oranges, and cherries. (Sign. Us. Up.)

3. Melon Smoothie Bowl

Cantaloupe is best known for its hydrating properties-but the rough and hard skin is what makes it the perfect fruit boat. This recipe might be a bit of an overkill for those rushing to get out the door in the morning, notes food blogger Angelica Eldh on her website, but it's definitely worth giving a try on the weekend (even if it's just for the 'gram). Head over to Eldh's website for the entire fruit-packed recipe.

4. Banana Boat

These fruit-filled bananas by @alphafoodie are super easy to make and are just as fun to eat. Simply cut a banana symmetrically and top it with nut butter and random fruits. If you want, you could eat the peel too since it's the most nutritious part of the fruit. If you really want to go bananas, try this pink ombré berry banana smoothie that will make you all kinds of happy.

5. Papaya Boat

This gorgeous orange fruit from Central America is a powerful aid in digestion and healing. And as blogger @myberryforest puts it, "Everything tastes better in a papaya boat." We suggest you test that theory out for yourself by making this easy recipe that calls for vegan yogurt blended with a frozen banana, and your fave berries on top. (Related: 7 Foods to Ease an Upset Stomach)

6. Dragon Fruit Boat

While this strange-looking fruit is pretty intimidating, it's packed with antioxidants and has several other nutritional benefits. This mouthwatering recipe by food blogger @nutriholist is stuffed with organic apple, banana, cucumber, and raspberries, drizzled with fresh lemon juice and sprinkled with a bit of quality sea salt and coconut shreds. (If that's not enough to get you out of bed, try this hot pink dragon fruit smoothie bowl that will brighten your morning.)

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