Try these paleo-friendly (and utterly delicious) apricot balls for a protein pick-me-up, any time of day

Updated: March 10, 2016

We all love a great pick-me-up snack, but sometimes the ingredients in store-bought treats can be questionable. High fructose corn syrup is all too common (and is linked to obesity and type 2 diabetes). Protein bars seem like a good idea to refuel after a workout or to satisfy hunger pangs, but chances are they have a ton of ingredients you can't pronounce and added sugars.

Instead, take a few minutes to make your own snack- so you know what goes into it and can tailor it to your specific needs and cravings. These apricot treats are packed full of chia seeds to give you energy to keep you going through the afternoon. They're protein packed and only contain five ingredients (that all happen to be superfoods!). Want more protein? Add in more cashew butter or ground almonds. Need more omega-3's? Let your apricot balls roll around in the chia seeds for a bit longer. Simple and easy.

This recipe is part of Natasha Corrett's Honestly Healthy Six-Day Slim Down Cleanse on All you need is a food processor or hi-tech blender and you're good to go!

Apricot and Chia Protein Balls

Makes: 12


1 1/4 cup un-sulfured apricots

2 tablespoons cashew butter

2 tablespoons melted coconut oil

3 tablespoons chia seeds (more for rolling)

3/4 cup ground almonds


1. In a food processor pulse the apricots, cashew butter and coconut oil until it turns into a rough paste.

2. Add the ground almonds and chia seeds and pulse up again.

3. Roll the mixture into pieces about the size of ping pong balls. Then roll them in more chia seeds to coat them.

4. Place in the fridge for 1 to 2 hours to set.

5. Keep refrigerated until you want to eat them.


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