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10 Fresh and Delicious Kiwi Recipes

Kiwi Nutrition Benefits

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Kiwis are a small-but-mighty nutritional powerhouse. Kiwi fruit is high in vitamins C, K, and D as well as potassium. Fun fact: One cup of kiwi has more potassium than a small banana. (And potassium is a super-important nutrient for workouts!)

That serving size (equal to about two fresh kiwis) also has only about 110 calories and roughly 5 grams of fiber, and you can get another few grams if you eat it with the skin on. (Yes, really! But more on that below.) Plus, kiwis have a long growing season, meaning they are usually available year-round at an affordable price.

Not sure what to do besides eat them raw? These healthy kiwi recipes for everything from cake and popsicles to kiwi salsa will inspire you to make these fruits a regular part of your routine. 

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Kiwi Lime Sorbet

kiwi lime sorbet recipe

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The bright green color of kiwi recipes scream summer, but this three-ingredient sorbet is so easy to make that you'll want to have it in your freezer year-round.

Get the recipe: Kiwi Lime Sorbet

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Butterless Whole Wheat Kiwi Upside Down Cake

Butterless Whole Wheat Kiwi Upside Down Cake recipe

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This cake is so healthy you could *almost* eat it for breakfast. It has a 1:1 ratio of all-purpose and whole-wheat flour, yogurt, and, duh, kiwis.

Get the recipe: Butterless Whole Wheat Kiwi Upside Down Cake

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Banana, Kiwi, and Kale Smoothie

kiwi kale smoothie recipe

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A little-known fact that we learned from watching Jenny Mollen's Instagram: You can eat the whole kiwi, peel and all. Ease into the peel-eating gang by blending it into a smoothie. This easy green recipe has bananas, kale, kiwi, milk, and honey. (Consider adding your favorite protein powder for an extra nutritional boost.)

Get the recipe: Banana, Kiwi, and Kale Smoothie

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Dehydrated Kiwi Chips

dehydrated kiwi chips recipe

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Yup, kiwi chips are a thing! And they're insanely easy: Carefully take the peel off the kiwis and cut into 1/4-inch slices. You can use a dehydrator or a low heat setting on your oven to dehydrate. When done, they're a slightly chewy, naturally sweet snack. (Try dehydrating these other fruits and vegetables into chips too.)

Get the recipe: Dehydrated Kiwi Chips

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Kiwi Jalapeño Jam

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As impressive as it seems, making your own jam is easy and can be done in about 20 minutes. This recipe uses kiwi, jalapeño peppers, and low-sugar pectin (a naturally occurring substance found in fruit that helps thicken the jam). Pepper jams can be enjoyed sweet or savory—spread on toast, mixed into oatmeal, or as a topper on white fish.

Get the recipe: Kiwi Jalapeño Jam

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Kiwi Avocado Salsa Verde

avocado kiwi salsa recipe

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Mix up your traditional tomato salsa with this green jalapeño version. Kiwis, avocado, scallions, and cilantro form the base for a fresh, sweet salsa with a kick.

Get the recipe: Kiwi Avocado Salsa Verde

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Kiwi Coconut Chia Popsicles

Kiwi Coconut Chia Popsicles recipe

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You've probably tried chia pudding—the bowls of chia seeds that magically soak up milk overnight to become soft and tapioca-like. This is that in popsicle form—creamy coconut milk, chia seeds, agave, and kiwis are frozen into popsicle molds. Perfect for taking breakfast literally on the run.

Get the recipe: Kiwi Coconut Chia Popsicles

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Bulgogi Korean Beef BBQ

bulgogi grilled korean bbq with kiwi recipe

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Kiwi contains an enzyme that breaks down protein, making it an amazing tenderizer for meat. In this traditional Korean BBQ recipe, you combine kiwi with soy sauce, honey, garlic, and sesame seeds to marinade the sirloin.

Get the recipe: Bulgogi Korean Beef BBQ

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Fruity Vegan Cheesecake

fruity vegan cheesecake with kiwi recipe

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As decadent as it looks, this four-layer cheesecake is surprisingly healthy. The crust is made with peanuts, dates, and shredded coconut. Next, a layer of avocado. Since this is a vegan dessert, the cream cheese is actually made with cashews and coconut milk. Then decorate with kiwi slices and pomegranate arils or any other fruit of your choice. (Also try this vegan avocado–key lime pie recipe.)

Get the recipe: Fruity Cheesecake

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Tequila Kiwi Smash Cocktail

kiwi tequila smash cocktail recipe

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If you're a fan of mojitos, you're probably familiar with muddling mint. This cocktail takes the concept to the next level by smashing kiwi with the mint and adding it to a glass with club soda, lemon, and tequila.

Get the recipe: Tequila Kiwi Smash Cocktail

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