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No-Bake Desserts for When It's Too Damn Hot to Turn On the Oven

Salted Dark Chocolate Tahini Fudge

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The flavors of this fudge are a blend of creamy tahini, dark chocolate, coconut oil, and sea salt. Tahini, a creamy paste made from ground sesame seeds, is a surprising source of protein and calcium and is actually quite versatile in the kitchen. (Check out these other creative ways to use tahini.)

Get the recipe: Salted Dark Chocolate Tahini Fudge

Photo: Paleo Running Momma

Chunky Monkey Banana Ice Cream

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For the uninitiated, banana "nice cream" is what happens when you blend frozen bananas into an ice cream-like consistency that convinces you it's your favorite soft serve—or darn close. You can flavor it with whatever your heart desires, be it pumpkin, salted caramel, or matcha. This version tastes like the infamous Chunky Monkey.

Get the recipe: Chunky Monkey Banana Ice Cream

Photo: Emilie Eats

Orange-Beetroot Tartlets with Almond-Fig Crust

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These beetroot and orange tarts are a healthier take on the elegant dessert. Beets are full of nitrates, which may help boost workout performance, plus they give these tarts their vibrant color.

Get the recipe: Orange-Beetroot Tartlets with Almond-Fig Crust

Photo: This Rawsome Vegan Life

Peach, Honey, and Thyme Lemonade Popsicles

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Popsicles are a quintessential summer dessert and can easily be made healthier at home without the additives found in store-bought versions. See these peach and honey treats, which feature more grown-up flavors too.

Get the recipe: Peach, Honey, and Thyme Lemonade Popsicles

Photo: Golubka Kitchen

No-Bake Hazelnut Ganache Brownies

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If you like the taste of brownie batter, you'll love the rich texture of no-bake brownies. These are topped with a coconut-maple ganache and hazelnuts, which give them a Nutella-esque crunch.

Get the recipe: No-Bake Hazelnut Ganache Brownies


Photo: The Bojon Gourmet

Mini Raspberry Coconut Pies

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These mini pies are a lot less labor-intensive than a regular pie. Just process the crust ingredients and the raspberry-coconut filling, throw them in the freezer, and then serve with almonds and chocolate drizzle. (We also suggest these healthy, light pie recipes for summer.)

Get the recipe: Mini Raspberry Coconut Pies

Photo: Handful of Raspberries

Pumpkin Date Caramel Cups

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Sometimes only candy can satisfy your sweet tooth. (Sound familiar? Try these 10 homemade candy alternatives.) These cups are salty and sweet with a caramel-y filling made from dates, almond butter, and pumpkin.

Get the recipe: Pumpkin Date Caramel Cups

Photo: Katie Wahlman

Chai Cheesecake Bars

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The blend of chai spices has multiple health benefits, so this no-bake dessert beats regular cheesecake in the nutrition category, for sure. Ginger is anti-inflammatory and cardamom is said to increase circulation. So, whip up a batch of these chai-flavored cheesecake bars on days when it's too hot to sip a latte.

Get the recipe: Chai Cheesecake Bars

Photo: Bakerita


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