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Healthy Omelet Recipes You Haven't Tried Yet

In Defense of the Yolk

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Omelets are making a comeback like you wouldn't believe, thanks to the verdict about the benefits of eating the yolk. As a registered dietitian, I 100 percent support including egg yolks as part of a balanced diet because of the nutrient choline found in them. Choline is crucial for not only maintaining a healthy metabolism and energy level, but it also promotes heart health. (Not to mention if you're pregnant or trying to conceive, it's essential for fetal brain development!) It's fascinating to think that in a two-egg omelet packed with dark leafy greens, you'll get over 325mg of choline—putting you at 60 percent of your daily needs. Try these recipes for the ultimate tasty, filling, and nutritious breakfast option.

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Cheese and Greens Omelet

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Calcium and choline: a stellar combo to kick-start your day. Top it off with some fresh collard greens, a truly winning combination to power you through straight until lunch!

Get the recipe: Cheese and Greens Omelet

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Apple and Sharp Cheddar Omelet

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Fiber and protein all wrapped up into one, count me in! This beautiful omelet has the cheesy goodness you crave but also packs a sweet punch with the delicious apple kick.

Get the recipe: Apple and Sharp Cheddar Omelet

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Waffle Iron Omelet

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The versatility of the waffle iron never ceases to amaze me. This veggie-packed omelet is the perfect creative way to sneak in a few more veggies while enjoying a fun twist on a classic. (More: Healthy Waffle Recipes to Start Your Weekend Right)

Get the recipe: Waffle Iron Omelet

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Caramelized Onion Omelet

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Caramelized onions taste like a little piece of heaven in the morning. Plus, it's packed with flavonoids, antioxidants that are great contributions to a healthy diet!

Get the recipe: Caramelized Onion Omelet

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Beet Greens Omelet

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Turn up the beet! This beauty helps reduce food waste (by sautéing the leaves from the stems you'd normally toss) and shows you how to think outside the box when it comes to your morning omelet. 

Get the recipe: Beet Greens Omelet

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Peach, Blueberry, and Arugula Omelet

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Sweet and savory: What's not to love about this combination? Packed with fiber and protein, this peach, blueberry, and arugula omelet is sure to win over the most gourmet guests at your brunch table.

Get the recipe: Peach, Blueberry, and Arugula Omelet

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Garden Fresh Muuna Cottage Cheese Omelet

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For those looking for a protein punch, this omelet is for you. A trifecta of flavors: three eggs mixed with garden fresh veggies are nestled under half a cup of Muuna cottage cheese. Muuna is a new line of cottage cheese that's kosher, free of artificial ingredients, and unbelievably creamy. By adding it to your omelet you'll get nearly 35 grams of high-quality protein to jump-start your day.

Get the recipe: Garden Fresh Muuna Cottage Cheese Omelet

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Low FODMAP Pizza Omelet

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For those who follow the FODMAP diet, never fear! Omelets filled with low FODMAP foods can still easily fit into your meal plan. This pizza omelet shows you just how to balance your diet and feed your body right.

Get the recipe: Low FODMAP Pizza Omelet

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Easy Omelet Egg Wrap

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Think outside the omelet by wrapping it up with your choice of fixins. The Lean Green Bean does it again with this simple but delicious omelet wrap that's the perfect grab-and-go option for a busy morning.

Get the recipe: Easy Omelet Egg Wrap

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