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Healthy Pie Recipes to Slice Up This Summer

Healthy Primal Paleo Peach Pie

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A fruit pie without added sugar? It's possible with this Healthy Primal Paleo Peach Pie. The almond and coconut crust also make this dessert gluten-free.

Photo: Christopher James Clark

Creamy Banana Pudding Pie

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This Creamy Banana Pudding Pie is a lightened-up version of the diner classic Banana Cream Pie. The post also includes a recipe for a non-dairy alternative to whipped cream to enjoy on this and other pie recipes.

Photo: Chocolate Covered Katie

Healthy Berry Hand Pies

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Grab your favorite fresh berries and whip up these Healthy Berry Hand Pies. Choose from the accompanying whole wheat or gluten-free crust recipes. (Related: Raspberry Recipes You Won't Be Able to Resist)

Photo: Artistic Vegan

Vegan Chocolate Avocado Pudding Pie with Almond Date Crust

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This Vegan Chocolate Avocado Pudding Pie with Salted Almond Date Crust is silky and rich. It's got plenty of fiber and monunsaturated fats thanks to the dates and avocados. (Psst...We have 5 New Things to Do with Avocados)

Photo: Ambitious Kitchen

Healthy Cherry Berry Breakfast Pie

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Cherries and berries fill this beautiful pie, which features a crust made from walnuts and bananas. Although it's called a Healthy Cherry Berry Breakfast Pie, we think it would taste good any time of day.

Photo: My Lavender Blues

Cinnamon Apple Almond Crumble

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Enjoy the comforting flavor of apple pie in a smaller package. This Cinnamon Apple Almond Crumble skips the crust and gets crunch from almonds instead.

Photo: Living Chirpy

Easy Vegan Key Lime Pie

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This Easy Vegan Key Lime Pie is a new twist on the tart and creamy classic dessert. Soy milk yogurt, tofu, and vegan cream cheese pair with juicy key limes.

Photo: Namely Marly

Vegan Black and Blue Berry Cheesecake Pie

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This creamy Vegan Black and Blue Berry Cheesecake Pie contains no cheese. Its richness comes from coconut milk and cashews, while berries contribute the deep purple color and plenty of antioxidants, too.

Photo: Fragrant Vanilla


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