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Healthy Cuban Recipes for Dinner and Dessert

Frozen Coconut Mojito

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It's not a Cuban recipe guide without a really good mojito. This one has coconut milk, coconut water, and of course, rum and mint.

Get the recipe: Frozen Coconut Mojito

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Cuban Mojo Marinated Pork

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This roasted pork looks almost as good as it tastes. The meat is marinated in orange juice, lime juice, cilantro, mint, garlic, and oregano. The hardest part? Waiting until it's done cooking to dig in.

Get the recipe: Cuban Mojo Marinated Pork

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Cuban Rice and Beans

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Rice and beans is one of the most budget-friendly meals, but with the right additions, it can taste like a million bucks. This dish is full of garlic, bacon(!), cumin, and chopped cilantro.

Get the recipe: Cuban Rice and Beans

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Roasted Pork Cuban Sandwich

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While Cuban sandwiches actually originated in Florida, the flavors were inspired by Cuban cuisine. It's made with roast pork, cheese, pickles, and ham, then toasted. Whip up a batch of mojitos and the whole neighborhood will want in on this one.

Get the recipe: Roasted Pork Cuban Sandwich

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Cuban Shredded Beef

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This ropa vieja is made in the slow cooker with tomato sauce, vegetables, and green chilies, then served over rice.

Get the recipe: Cuban Shredded Beef

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Cuban Coffee

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If you try one new thing in Cuba (or at home), make it this Cuban coffee. Super-sweet Cuban coffee is made on the stove top in a moka pot. The end result is thick, strong coffee—one sip and you'll be hooked.

Get the recipe: Cuban Coffee

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Cuban Slaw

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This slaw is quick to throw together—and even better, it's mayo-free. Toss red cabbage, carrot, cilantro, and jalapeño together, then coat with apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, and oregano.

Get the recipe: Cuban Slaw

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Sweet Cuban Coconut Balls with Melted Chocolate

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Let's talk about these coconut balls, shall we? Typically served as street food in Cuba, they're made with sweetened condensed milk, shredded coconut, vanilla, and honey before being frozen. Then they're dipped in chocolate—mmmm.

Get the recipe: Sweet Cuban Coconut Balls with Melted Chocolate

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Vegan Picadillo

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Picadillo is a Cuban dish with lentils, potatoes, tomatoes, olives, and raisins. The cinnamon, cumin, nutmeg, and cloves tie the flavors together.

Get the recipe: Vegan Picadillo

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