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3 Healthy Snack Recipes from Jen Widerstrom's Cookbook

Egg Bakes

Baked egg muffin recipe for meal prep

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Digging these recipes? Then you'll really love our 40-Day Crush-Your Goals Challenge with Jen Widerstrom, author of Diet Right for Your Personality Type.

These beauties make a stellar grab-and-go breakfast, but you can also take them with you for a savory lunch or snack any time of day. Or, of course, have them breakfast for dinner! (Egg bakes aren't the only creative, portion-controlled snacks you can make in a muffin tin.)

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No-Bake Energy Bites

no bake almond butter energy bites recipe

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Roll these up and stash them in your fridge for a poppable boost of energy, via almond butter, oats, coconut, and superfoods like chia and hemp seeds. (Obsessed with these poppable treats? Here, more energy ball recipes you'll love.)

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Oatmeal Muffins

healthy oatmeal muffins recipe

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These superfood oatmeal muffins taste like a dessert—but also pass the test for healthy snack or breakfast. Make a big batch, and you'll thank yourself all week when you have the perfect solution for your afternoon sweet tooth. (Next week, try one of these other healthy muffin recipes.)

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