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9 Brilliantly Healthy Ways to Cook with Peanut Flour

Peanut Flour Pancakes

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Light and satisfying flapjacks that are gluten-free and packed with protein? Sign us up. Coconut flour and peanut flour come together in these pancakes, giving them amazing texture and flavor. Next up: Pancake Recipes for a Better-Than-Ever Breakfast

Photo: Kim's Cravings

Asian Zoodle Buddah Bowls

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Peanut flour is the secret ingredient in the yummy sauce that tops these Asian Zoodle Bowls. With fresh zucchini, chopped veggies, quinoa, and sunflower seeds, the dish delivers on nutrition as well as taste.

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Healthy Peanut Butter Mousse

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This healthy peanut butter dessert has just five ingredients. One is peanut flour and another is tofu, which means this treat satisfies your sweet tooth while delivering a serious dose of plant-based protein.

Photo: Desserts With Benefits

Rainbow Cauliflower Casserole with Thai Peanut Chicken

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For a low-carb, gluten-free weeknight meal, nothing beats this rainbow cauliflower casserole. (These 25 Can't-Believe-It's-Cauliflower Recipes prove the veggie has endless powers.) Powdered peanut butter gives the sauce depth without tons of calories, while coconut milk makes it extra creamy.

Photo: Food Faith Fitness

Cinnamon Vanilla Breakfast Protein Bites

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These no-bake cinnamon-y treats may be called "breakfast bites," but they work any time of day for a sweet little pick-me-up that also packs some protein power. They'll keep in the fridge for weeks—if you can make them last that long.

Photo: Cotter Crunch

Healthy Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie

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This layered smoothie looks so incredibly decadent (just like these 10 Healthy Chocolate Smoothies!), and tastes like a peanut butter cup. But with frozen bananas, powdered peanut butter, cocoa powder, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and spinach (!), you can feel good about drinking up.

Photo: Fit Foodie Finds

Peanut Sauce Stir Fry With Veggies And Cauliflower Rice

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With cauliflower standing in for rice, and peanut flour creating the base for the gluten-free vegan peanut sauce, this stir fry bowl is full of healthy swaps. Luckily, the flavor of the sauce gets better over time, so you can make a double batch and keep enjoying the creamy goodness.

Photo: Eat Healthy, Eat Happy

High Protein Peanut Flour Banana Bread

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Peanut butter and bananas are one of the world's tastiest combos, so it's no surprise that banana bread made with peanut flour would be a huge success. And with 14 grams of protein per slice, you can make this a regular in your healthy snack rotation. Then, try one of these 9 Delicious Ways to Eat Cloud Bread.

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Peanut Chile Rubbed Pork Chops

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Use peanut flour, mixed with chile powder, coconut sugar, ginger, coffee, and salt, to make a delicious rub for pork chops. Then, just sear the chops in a skillet and finish them in the oven. Super easy!

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