Instead of risking frostbite, make one of these fun snow-inspired recipes inside where it's warm.

By Renee Cherry

ICYMI, the East Coast is currently being hit with a "bomb cyclone" and it looks like a snow globe exploded on the streets from Maine to the Carolinas. Like others before it, the storm caused thousands of flight cancellations, power outages, and school closings, meaning you probably don't want to be out shoveling snow right about now. So, instead of getting frostbite, hibernate all day and bring the winter spirit inside with one of these healthy snow-inspired foods.

These cupcakes from @earthlytaste are topped with desiccated coconut, which is grated, dried coconut meat-a healthier option for faux snow than powdered sugar. The addition of edible glitter gives them the same glisten as freshly fallen snow. (Edible glitter is also what's used to make these sparkly coffee drinks that are all over the internet.)

It goes without saying that a fancy hot chocolate or coffee drink is a must during a snowstorm. Here, @sculptedpilates used turmeric, Blue Majik, beetroot powder, and spirulina to color these lattes topped with snowman marshmallows. (Stay warm with these other hot, healthy drinks.)

A snow day is the best time to warm up with a bowl of oats. For the ultimate cozy, wintry breakfast, top your oatmeal with coconut "snowflakes." For this bowl of porridge, @kate_the.foodlawyer also added a little almond and vanilla, a combo that will give your oats a coconut cake flavor. (To achieve peak coziness, try these seriously satisfying soups that bring "hygge" to mealtime.)

By the looks of them, these "snowballs" from @my_kids_lick_the_bowl taste 1000x better than the real thing. They're a healthy dessert option with no refined sugar. (Looking for something vegan? Try these winter-white coconut truffles.)

Christmas may have come and gone, but you don't need to give up on gingerbread just yet. Try these vegan and gluten-free ginger lemon doughnut holes from @sugaredcoconut. They're finished off with a dusting of powdered sugar "snow."

If you've got a little extra time on your hands thanks to being snowed in, you might as well turn your bowl of nice cream into a work of art. used chocolate and strawberries to transform nice cream into this melted snowman.


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