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Healthy Zucchini Desserts That Taste Amazing

Greek Yogurt Zucchini Bread

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Obviously, the first on the list is the classic zucchini bread. But what makes this recipe special is the protein-rich Greek yogurt that makes the loaf extremely moist. Bonus: You won't find any refined sugars or chocolate chips here. They're not needed. (Speaking of Greek Yogurt, Here Are 5 Clever Ways to Sweeten Yours.) 

Get the recipe: Greek Yogurt Zucchini Bread

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Zucchini Brownies

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What if there were a brownie that was rich, moist, and chocolate-y, and it had a secret vegetable in the ingredients that no one could even detect? Say hello to zucchini brownies. This healthy version of your favorite treat has just 87 calories, so go on and grab one...maybe two.

Get the recipe: Secretly Healthy Zucchini Brownies

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Zucchini Oat Breakfast Cookies

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If you're going to grab a cookie, it may as well be a nutritious one. These chewy cookies are made with zucchini and oats, making them the perfect after-dinner treat or nutrient-rich breakfast cookie. (Yep, breakfast cookies are a thing. Here are 10 You Can Make, Um, ASAP.) 

Get the recipe: Healthy Zucchini Oat Breakfast Cookies

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Zucchini Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

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Healthy muffins tend to be bland and dry AF, but that's not the case here. These zucchini muffins are filled with zucchini (duh), applesauce, banana, Greek yogurt, and smidgen of coconut oil. Plus, each muffin contains 4 grams of protein and just 153 calories—chocolate chips included.

Get the recipe: Skinny Zucchini Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

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Blueberry Zucchini Bread

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You may not be used to adding zucchini to your desserts, but all the mainstay ingredients you know and love are in the batter (hey there, blueberries, lemon zest, and soul-warming spices). Trust us, there's no way you're not going to love this recipe, especially knowing it's oil-free, vegan, and missing refined sugar. (Interested in going vegan? Here's 12 Things No One Ever Tells You About It.) 

Get the recipe: Healthy Blueberry Zucchini Bread

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Paleo Zucchini Chocolate Cake

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Impress dinner party guests with this chocolate cake—guarantee they won't have a clue that there are a ton of healthy ingredients tucked inside. Bonus: It's Paleo-friendly, just like these comfort-food dinners. (Ready for more zucchini? Try These Healthy Zucchini Recipes That Aren't Zoodles.)

Get the recipe: Paleo Zucchini Chocolate Cake

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