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15 Mediterranean Diet Breakfast Ideas to Make You Look Forward to the Morning

Veggie Mediterranean Quiche

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A quiche works for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Starting your day with one is particularly satisfying, especially when you fill it with Mediterranean staples like sundried tomatoes, red bell peppers, spinach, and olives. (Related: 50 Healthy Mediterranean Diet Recipes and Meal Ideas)

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Shakshouka Classic Mediterranean Breakfast

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Traditional Shakshouka is a popular dish in Northern Africa and the Middle East, but it's super easy to make right at home. Poach your eggs in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, and onions, then give the dish a little extra kick with harissa.

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Wilted Greens, Kimchi, and Lemon Salmon Toast

Wilted Greens and Leeks With Kimchi and Lemon Salmon

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Pro Secret: Use one-inch-thick squares of Asian-style toast, like Japanese milk toast. You can buy it at Chinese, Japanese, and Korean bakeries. Pile on the toppings, and chow down.

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Mediterranean Toast

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Take your avocado toast to the next level by piling kalamata olives, hummus, tomatoes, a hard-boiled egg, and feta cheese on multigrain or whole-wheat toast. Not only is it healthy, but it's hearty enough to start your day on the right foot. (Craving something sweet? Check out these Mediterranean diet desserts.)

Get the recipe: Mediterranean Toast

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Mediterranean Scrambled Eggs with Spinach, Tomato, and Feta

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Breakfast doesn't get easier than scrambled eggs, and the little extra effort it takes to throw in spinach, tomatoes, and feta cheese is totally worth it. And all that extra protein will keep you fired up until lunch.

Get the recipe: Mediterranean Scrambled Eggs with Spinach, Tomato, and Feta

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Spiced Chickpea Patties with Dipping Sauce & Tangy Slaw

Spiced Chickpea Patties With Dipping Sauce & Tangy Slaw on plate

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These patties—made of chickpeas and rolled oats—are the perfect base for any and all sauces. You can treat this Mediterranean diet breakfast like pancakes or go savory.

Get the recipe: Spiced Chickpea Patties with Sauce and Slaw

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Mediterranean Potato Hash with Asparagus, Chickpeas, and Poached Eggs

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One-skillet (-pan, -sheet, whatever) recipes are the best recipes, because they cut down on so much mess—and who wants to deal with that in the morning? Although this potato hash, chock-full of asparagus, chickpeas, feta, and Mediterranean spices and topped with poached eggs, would be worth the mess. (Related: 5 Health Benefits You Can Score from the Mediterranean Diet.)

Get the recipe: Mediterranean Potato Hash

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Caraway-Roasted Root Vegetables with Yogurt and Walnuts

Caraway-Roasted Root Vegetables With Dilled Lemon Yogurt and Toasted Walnuts in glass

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Your typical berries-and-granola yogurt parfait will feel utterly basic after having this flavorful (and veggie-packed!) alternative that works for, honestly, every meal.

Get the recipe: Caraway-Roasted Root Vegetables with Yogurt and Walnuts

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Mediterranean Breakfast Egg Muffins

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Are you a grab-and-go breakfaster? Make a batch of these low-carb, protein-packed muffins on the weekend—they easily reheat in the microwave on no-time-to-cook mornings. This recipe calls for chopped leek, baby spinach, red peppers, and tomato. But you could DIY with your own favorite veggies, or whatever's on hand in your fridge.

Get the recipe: Mediterranean Breakfast Egg Muffins

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Mediterranean Omelet

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Omelets are typically reserved for fancy brunch orders, but with 15 minutes combined prep and cook time (and just 303 total calories), this Mediterranean option—with heart-healthy olives and immune system-boosting artichokes—is worthy of everyday eating. (Related: Can the Mediterranean Diet Make Us Happier?)

Get the recipe: Mediterranean Omelet

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Avocado Scrambled Eggs Over Coriander Wheat Berries

Avocado and Chia Scrambled Eggs over Coriander Wheat Berries with Tomatoes

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This colorful scramble is the best Mediterranean diet breakfast you've never tried. Time-saving tip: Cook up a big batch of wheat berries on Sunday, then add them to your meals all week.

Get the recipe: Avocado Scrambled Eggs Over Coriander Wheat Berries

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Mediterranean Feta, Quinoa, and Egg Muffins

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Between the eggs and the quinoa in these Mediterranean muffins, you'll practically hit your daily protein quota before you leave for work. And with an explosion of Greek flavors (kalamata olives, feta, chopped spinach, and tomatoes) in every bite, you'll be back for seconds.

Get the recipe: Mediterranean Feta, Quinoa, and Egg Muffins

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Mediterranean Breakfast Tostadas

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Add some spice to your a.m. with tostadas loaded with red pepper hummus, scrambled eggs, cucumbers, tomatoes, and feta. And since they take less than 15 minutes to pull together, you can even make time for a plate on busy mornings. (Related: The 7-Day Mediterranean Diet Experts Think Everyone Should Follow.)

Get the recipe: Mediterranean Breakfast Tostadas


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Green Shakshuka with Poblano Peppers and Za’atar Tortillas

Green Shakshuka With Poblano Peppers and Za’atar Tortillas in white pan

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In this fresh twist on shakshuka, the eggs are cooked in a bed of spiced spinach instead of tomato sauce. (Related: Satisfy Your Stomach with This Whole-Grain Shakshuka Recipe for Brunch)

Get the recipe: Green Shakshuka with Poblano Peppers and Za’atar Tortillas

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Mediterranean Breakfast Salad

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Who said salads aren't meant for breakfast? Starting your day with leafy greens is never a bad idea, especially when they're paired with protein-packed quinoa and eggs and healthy fats like avocado and almonds.

Get the recipe: Mediterranean Breakfast Salad

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