Check Out Jennifer Garner's Take On TikTok's Frozen Yogurt Bark

Plus, find out what registered dietitians think of the TikTok food trend.

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Jennifer Garner's Instagram followers know all about her delightful #PretendCookingShow, in which the actress demonstrates her cooking and baking skills. In addition to trying out recipes from various food bloggers, the actress isn't immune to the allure of a TikTok food trend. Case in point, Garner put her spin on the viral frozen yogurt bark you may have stumbled upon recently. When you see her delicious take on the sweet treat (and find out what registered dietitians have to say about it), you're going to want to make it for yourself.

Garner shared a video on TikTok and Instagram of her making a version of frozen yogurt bark, which is basically exactly what it sounds like: a frozen sheet of yogurt topped with a variety of fruits, nuts, seeds, and more. Her take was adapted from a recipe by Catherine McCord (aka Weelicious), according to identical captions of both her social media posts.

Based on the clips Garner shared, you can make the snack in a matter of minutes. The toughest part will be finding the patience to wait for your "perfect summer treat" (as Garner put it) to freeze before you enjoy it. (Hungry right now? Try TikTok's breakfast favorite: yogurt custard toast.)

To make Garner's frozen yogurt bark, simply line a small baking sheet or flat dish with parchment paper, spreading an even layer the yogurt of your choice on top, she explained in her caption. Then follow Garner's lead by adding your toppings (you can use pretty much anything sweet or salty you have on hand) evenly on top of the layer of yogurt. When your creation is complete, put it in the freezer and break it up into bite-sized piece and enjoy.

Garner uses a cold-pressed fruit snack from her family's farm brand, Once Upon a Farm, "for a little no-sugar-added sweetness," she says in the video. Then, she adds a plethora of toppings, including blueberries, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, shredded coconut, mixed nuts, and granola. Finally, she pops the tray in the freezer, and when it's frozen, she breaks it up into small pieces to eat. In the video, Garner gives the finished product her seal of approval, winking at the camera as she takes a bite.

Along with being tasty, the snack has a lot to offer nutritionally, according to experts. "Frozen yogurt bark makes a great summer treat," says registered dietitian and Everlywell advisor Heather Hanley, R.D.N. "It can provide protein, fiber, probiotics, and interesting flavors and textures if assembled with the right combination of ingredients."

A good place to start is with Greek yogurt, says fellow Everlywell advisor and registered dietitian Nicole Lindel, R.D. It's packed with protein (nearly 10 grams per serving, to be exact), along with bone-boosting calcium and essential vitamins and nutrients, including potassium, phosphorus, riboflavin (vitamin B12), iodine, zinc, and vitamin B5, she notes. Greek yogurt is also packed with probiotics, which support gut health, says Lindel. Still, "all types of yogurt are a good source of calcium and provide some potassium," adds Hanley.

Both experts recommend playing around with flavors to make this treat fun and satisfying. "Chia seeds provide fiber, calcium, and iron; flax seeds provide omega 3 fatty acids and fiber; and hemp seeds provide an added protein boost and fiber," says Hanley. "You can add crushed nuts or nut butter for additional protein and healthy fats," adds Lindel. "You can even make your own flavored yogurt by blending together plain Greek yogurt and your fruit of choice," says Lindel.

If you haven't already tried the healthy summer snack, let Garner's latest creation and these expert-approved tips inspire you in the kitchen.

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