These Snack Subscription Boxes Will Keep You from Ever Going Hungry Again

Skip the sad munchies at the supermarket and instead sign up for one of these best snack subscription boxes to get your fill of delicious eats.

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When hunger strikes at 3 p.m. — your empty stomach is growling and your Slack messages to co-workers sound increasingly grumpy — your first course of action is likely to dash into the kitchen and survey the cupboards for a mini-meal. But if your favorite munchie was left off last weekend's grocery list and your only option is stale popcorn, you might go from hungry to hangry really quick.

The easiest way to ensure you can nourish your body and mind when you need to most? Sign up for a snack subscription box service, which will ship you munchies fit for your dietary preferences, tastebuds, and budget each month. Along with quieting your rumbling tummy, noshing on the items in a snack subscription box can give you a boost of energy, particularly if hours have passed between meals and your blood sugar levels have dropped, according to research published by the Harvard School of Public Health. What's more, snacking can also help tone down hunger so you're less likely to overeat at your next meal and, depending on which snack you choose, help you score extra nutrients.

Of course, different snacks offer different benefits, and the United States Department of Agriculture generally advises choosing nutrient-dense snacks (e.g. raw fruit and veggies, nuts, plain yogurt) to combat hunger between meals and help meet key recommendations for vitamins and minerals. That said, sometimes all you need to mentally get through the day is a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie or bowl of barbeque potato chips — and that's totally okay. You do you, even when it comes to snacking.

To help you satisfy any hankering you may have — whether it be jerky, protein bars, chocolate, or a combo of all three — pass along your address to one of these snack subscription box services. Thanks to their monthly deliveries, you'll never have to make a desperate run to the convenience store for munchies again.

9 Best Snack Subscription Boxes

Best Snack Subscription Box for Worldly Munchies: SnackCrate

To treat your tastebuds to flavors around the world without leaving your kitchen, sign up for SnackCrate. Through the snack subscription box, you'll have items straight from Belgium, Morocco, Russia, Japan, and other countries, along with a booklet featuring fun facts about the nationshowcased and games, delivered to your doorstep. You'll score 10 to 12 snacks from one country in the original size box, but if you're concerned your ravenous roommate will eat them all in a day, sign up for the family box, which contains 18 to 20 snacks per shipment for $20 more.

Buy It: SnackCrate Snack Subscription Box, Original Size, 1 Month, $30,

Best Snack Subscription Box for the Cheese-Obsessed: Fromagination Cheese of the Month

If your idea of a mid-afternoon munchie is a charcuterie board with artisanal cheese, Fromagination's Cheese of the Month subscription program is for you. Each month, you'll receive three types of Wisconsin-made cheese, amounting to a pound of dairy goodness, as well as one extra food item that acts as a "flavor companion" to the cheese, such as preserves, crackers, dried fruit, and nuts, according to the company's website. Whether you opt for a three-, six-, or 12-month subscription, you'll feel like a cheese connoisseur in no time.

Buy It: Fromagination Cheese of the Month Subscription Box, 3 Months, $235,

Best Snack Subscription Box to Show Your Support: Founded Snack Box

This snack subscription box from The Goods Mart not only helps you satisfy your growling stomach, but it also supports BIPOC-, AAPI-, LGBTQ+, Latinx-,and female-founded companies.Once you sign up for automatic monthly deliveries, you'll score five to seven full-size snacks, the majority of which are plant-based, such as Cracker King's sea salt crackers, Yolélé! Foino chips, and Behave's sour gummy bears. (The latter of which, BTW, are also one of the best Arab-owned wellness brands.) Simply put, it's your one-way ticket to munchies that taste good and do good. (

Buy It: Founded Snack Subscription Box, 1 Month, $48,

Best Snack Subscription Box for Tropical Flavors: Snack Hawaii ALOHA Snack Box

You don't have to take a longflight to Hawaii to get a taste of the tropics. Snack Hawaii's snack subscription boxes contain a variety of sweet and savory treats from the Pacific island, such as sweet potatochips, chocolate-covered coffee beans, and Red Iso peanuts (peanuts inside a cracker shell, flavored with soy sauce and nori). Luckily, if you fall head over heels for a few of the items in your box, you can buy your favorites, plus other snacks and candies, individually on the company's website.

Buy It: Snack Hawaii ALOHA Snack Subscription Box, 1 Month,$45,

Best Snack Subscription Box for Meat Lovers: JerkyGent

If you're always down to get a meat lover's pizza, this snack subscription box from JerkyGent is for you. With automatic monthly deliveries, you'llreceive four different bags of jerky — amounting to half a pound of dried meat — sourced from "top artisan makers" around the country, according to the company's website. Before you sign up, share whether you prefer traditional (think: BBQ, teriyaki, hickory) or non-traditional (e.g. truffle, buffalo, Bloody Mary) flavors and your go-to spice level. Then, the brand's "jerky curators" will use that info to select a few bags that are sure to hit the spot.

Buy It: JerkyGent Subscription Box, Classic, 1 Month, $28,

Best Snack Subscription Box for Undiscovered Munchies: TasteCrate

Always on the hunt for under-the-radar, yet seriously delicious munchies? TasteCrate has your back — and stomach. Once you sign up, the snack subscription box rounds up 15 to 20 hard-to-find bites from "rare and exotic companies" and undiscovered start-up brands and automatically ships them to your mailbox every month, according to the company's website. While the snacks change from month to month, previous boxes have included crunchy broad beans, apple chips, popcorn, granola clusters, and protein bars. Translation: Snack time will never be boring again. (You'll also want to add these crunchy cactus snacks to your cart, stat.)

Buy It: TasteCrate Snack Subscription Box, 1 Month, $40,

Best Snack Subscription Box for Sweet Treats: The Cravory Cookies of the Month Club

Who said cookies have to be eaten for dessert? With this snack subscription box from The Cravory, you can satisfy your craving for a freshly baked cookie whenever it strikes — even in the middle of the workday. Each month, you'll receive a half-dozen, dozen, or two dozen cookies (the number of treats is up to you, and the cost ranges from $13 to $46) featuring seasonal flavors, such as pumpkin pie or citrus shortbread. You can trust the sweets will be chewy and moist — not stale enough to break a tooth — too; the cookies are packaged just hours after they come out of the oven and shipped within 24 hours. Don't forget to stock up on a jug of milk while your treats are in transit. (PSA: You need this edible cookie dough recipe for midnight snacking.)

Buy It: The Cravory Cookies of the Month Club, 1 Month, Half-Dozen, $13,

Best Snack Subscription Box for Organic Finds: UrthBox

A fit for farmers' market devotees and folks who enjoy natural provisions, this snack subscription box from UrthBox highlights organic, GMO-free munchies, such as granola, chickpea-based tortilla chips, chocolate hazelnut spreads, jerky, and more. You can opt for a gluten-free, vegan, or low-carb box to meet your dietary preferences and restrictions, and there's an option available for every budget and appetite;a mini box will treat you to at least seven goodies, while a large will provide more than 28 treats. Time to clear up some space in your pantry.

Buy It: UrthBox Snack Subscription Box, Small, 1 Month, $36,

Best Snack Subscription Box for Plant-Based Eaters: Vegancuts Snack Box

Save yourself the time you'd usually spend browsing the snack aisle for plant-based options by signing up for Vegancuts. Thanks to the monthly snack subscription box service, you'll receive at least 10 sweet and savory vegan, cruelty-free munchies — such as barbecue potato chips, gummy candies, brownie cookies, and date balls — without having to research any ingredients or decipher complicated food labels. Since you can pre-order boxes for one, three, six, or 12 months at a time, vegan eating just got a whole lot easier.

Buy It: Vegancuts Snack Box, 1 Month, $25,

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