'Sour Patch Grapes' Are the 3-Ingredient Snack Tiktokers Swear Is Like Candy

To make a bowl of grapes a little more exciting, try out this easy food hack.

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sour patch kids grapes
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You can always rely on TikTok to serve up tasty food trends that put a twist on your favorite treats, but one of the latest viral food hacks is truly next-level. TikTok users have been making homemade alternative of Sour Patch Kids that uses fruit. With just three ingredients, you can enjoy a snack that mimics the candy's blend of sour/sweet goodness.

Meet 'Sour patch grapes,' a DIY version of Sour Patch Kids that uses — you guessed it — grapes and a few other ingredients you probably have on hand. TikTok users have been trying variations on the trend for months, and #SourPatchGrapes has accumulated over 670,000 views on the app. (

To try it, simply wash some green grapes and slice them in half (some people leave 'em whole), then place them in a bowl or a small plastic bag. Drizzle on some fresh or bottled lime or lemon juice and then sprinkle them with sugar to taste — usually a few teaspoons will do the trick. Shake it up so the grapes become evenly coated and enjoy.

Some TikTok creators have made a slight tweak to turn their sour patch grapes into a refreshing summertime treat. They've suggested either freezing the grapes for an hour or more before or after coating them in citrus juice and water — both options will have the same effect. (

You really can use pretty much anything you've got on hand for this trick. TikTok user @candicebyrd's sour patch grapes recipe included red grapes sprinkled with Great Value Lemonade Drink Mix (Buy It, $9, amazon.com) and frozen for an hour. Other users have experimented with using Jello powder in grape or cherry as their powdery coating, some noting that sugar-free Jello works if you're interested in some sweetness but limit your sugar intake. For an equally sugar-conscious treat, sweeteners such as BetterBody Foods Monk Fruit Zero Calorie Sweetener (Buy It, $9, target.com) or Truvia Cane Sugar Blend (Buy It, $6, target.com) would do the trick just as well.

If your local grocery store has cotton candy grapes, you can use them to amp up the sweetness create a snack that resembles your favorite carnival treat, a la TikTok user @vancouverfoodie. You could even make them a happy hour-inspired treat by soaking the grapes in vodka first. The possibilities are endless, and this sour candy alternative makes for a great way to enjoy a sweet treat while sneaking in some fiber. (Want more? Check out 10 TikTok food hacks that actually work.)

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