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Vegan Recipes That Prove There's More to the Keto Diet Than Bacon

Low-Carb Peanut Butter Truffles

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Eating keto and vegan doesn't preclude you from noshing on a combo that'll never get old: peanut butter and chocolate. These chocolate covered peanut butter bites definitely feel more treat than "diet" food, but they fit your high-fat low-carb needs.

Get the recipe: Low-Carb Peanut Butter Truffles

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Egg Roll In a Bowl

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The egg rolls from your favorite Chinese spot might not be keto-friendly or vegan, but this deconstructed egg roll bowl is a worthy replacement. It's essentially a big bowl of egg roll filling that you can dig into with a fork. Mmm.

Get the recipe: Egg Roll In a Bowl

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Keto Green Smoothie

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Avocados add satiating healthy fats to your smoothie and take it from watery to thick. This green concoction has 30.6 grams of fat and 9.5 grams of fiber.

Get the recipe: Keto Green Smoothie

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Coconut Low-Carb Porridge

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If oatmeal has been your go-to but you want to switch to something keto, try out this instant pot recipe. Coconut flour transforms into a creamy, low-carb porridge. Make this your new morning go-to and play around with different sweeteners and toppings.

Get the recipe: Coconut Low-Carb Porridge

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Wasabi Cucumber Avocado Dressing + Spiralized Cucumber Salad

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A simple bowl of greens is an easy way to round out a meal and can be tweaked to fit pretty much any diet. This one is topped with a creamy avocado wasabi dressing that sounds promising. 

Get the recipe: Wasabi Cucumber Avocado Dressing + Spiralized Cucumber Salad

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Sugar-Free Toasted Coconut Cashews

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Most candied nuts are more candy than nut, which is why they're addictive enough to down by the handful. This keto-approved version is free of butter and oil, and uses monk fruit as a sweetener.

Get the recipe: Sugar Free Toasted Coconut Cashews

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Bulletproof Hot Chocolate

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You're not limited to bulletproof coffee; You can be adding fat to hot chocolate too. Top with whipped coconut milk to keep it vegan. (Here are more low-carb keto drinks that will keep you in ketosis.)

Get the recipe: Bulletproof Hot Chocolate

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Low-Carb Vegan Mint Matcha Fat Bombs

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"Fat bombs" are a popular keto snack option, and they're just as fatty as they sound. These have 20 grams of fat per bomb. They're flavored with vanilla, mint, and matcha, which can give you a little boost of energy when you're in a slump.

Get the recipe: Low-Carb Vegan Mint Matcha Fat Bombs

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Green Veggie Soup with Roasted Topping

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The bulk of this soup is vegetables, so you'll consume a boatload of nutrients in each spoonful. It's also freezer-friendly, so you can make a huge batch to prep for days when you want a convenient vegan keto recipe.

Get the recipe: Green Veggie Soup with Roasted Topping

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Roasted Radishes with Soy Sauce and Sesame Seeds

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Radishes are low in carbs, so if you're looking for vegan keto recipes, you should think of them as more than just a salad topping. When cooked, radishes, which are a bit bitter raw, take on a sweeter flavor. For this recipe, you'll roast the veggie and add Asian-flavored spices.

Get the recipe: Roasted Radishes with Soy Sauce and Sesame Seeds

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Chocolate Peppermint Chia Pudding

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It can be tough you're eating keto but also love Girl Scout cookies. This chocolate peppermint chia seed pudding recipe can at least ease your Thin Mint withdrawal. Even if you hate the texture of chia seed pudding, don't write it off. You have the option of blending the pudding as a final step to give it the consistency of traditional pudding.

Get the recipe: Chocolate Peppermint Chia Pudding

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Sesame Roasted Bok Choy & Teriyaki Cauliflower Steaks

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For this recipe, you'll roast cauliflower steaks and bok choy with a homemade keto teriyaki sauce. Pro tip: Make extra sauce to glaze other veggies, flavor rice, or dress salads later. (Here are 25 more delicious cauliflower recipes.)

Get the recipe: Sesame Roasted Bok Choy & Teriyaki Cauliflower Steaks

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Omega-3 Keto Porridge

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Eating a bowl of this oatmeal will increase your intake of omega-3 fatty acids, which are crucial since the keto diet demands high amounts of healthy fats. Even if you're not eating keto, you should probably be eating more of them anyway, as omega-3s can boost your heart health and have been linked to better brain and eye function. This recipe is loaded with ingredients that are excellent sources of the healthy fatty acids, such as hemp seeds, chia seeds, and walnuts.

Get the recipe: Omega-3 Keto Porridge

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